I Can’t Deal With It! 9 Incomprehensible Things Girlfriends Do during Shopping Dates

Many guys love their girlfriends, but they get drained when they go shopping together. What makes your boyfriend so tired? We surveyed guys to bring you nine incomprehensible things girlfriends do during shopping dates.

  • 1. You go into stores that you didn’t plan on going into

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    “I just want us to be quick when shopping. I get a little irritated when she gets distracted.” For guys who seek rationality in people’s behaviors, stopping by every store that catches your eye seems unnecessary. If you want to walk around for the sake of it, you should wait until after you have what you were looking for.

  • 2. You are too indecisive and you keep going back and forth between choices

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    “Honestly, whichever one works.” Your boyfriend might lose patience when you cannot decide what to buy. Once your boyfriend starts giving you thoughtless feedback, you should take it as a sign that he’s getting irritated.

  • 3. You stop because you want to get something you didn’t plan on buying

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    “I get exhausted because shopping never ends.” Your boyfriend will feel drained when you get distracted and out of control. Even when you find things that you think are nice, try to focus on getting what you need first.

  • 4. You ask for his opinion but don’t listen to what he says

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    “I spoke up because she asked, but she just ignored it. That’s not cool.” It’s questionable when you completely disregard your boyfriend’s advice. Even if you find his advice irrelevant, you should still acknowledge it.

  • 5. You snap at him once you notice he’s in a bad mood

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    “I want her to understand that I’m exhausted after being dragged around.” Even if your boyfriend looks frustrated, you’ll end up making the situation worse by criticizing him for it. If your partner looks tired, be considerate and take a break.

  • 6. You go back to where you started after you walked around everywhere

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    “I can’t believe she wants to go back to the starting point after all this…” It’s not easy for your partner to have to go back to the starting point after he’s accompanied you for hours as you go from store to store. If you absolutely have to go back, ask him if he wants to wait for you somewhere else.

  • 7. You make him carry all your bags for the whole trip

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    “After all, I’m just here to carry her stuff…” It’s inconsiderate to take advantage of your boyfriend and make him carry your belongings. If he offers to carry things for you, don’t forget to thank him.

  • 8. You try on a lot of things but don’t buy anything

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    “I just think to myself, ‘Give me back my time’!” Some guys question your decision to not buy anything after tried it all on. It’s not a bad thing to choose items so carefully, but when you are with your boyfriend, do your best to make up your mind quickly.

  • 9. You get pissed off and say you should have gone separately from the beginning

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    “I want to tell her, ‘That’s what I said!’” You might get into a situation where you and your boyfriend go places separately during your date. But it’s taboo to leave him with harsh comments, like “We should have done this from the start…” If your boyfriend looks grumpy, be mature and tell him, “I’m sorry to have dragged you around. Next time, we can go separately.”

Published: July 28, 2017