9 Date Plans to Avoid When Your Japanese Girlfriend Is Expecting Her Period

Japanese girls don’t feel well physically and emotionally before they get their period. What do guys need to be aware of when taking their Japanese girlfriends out on a date around this time of the month? This time, we surveyed Japanese girls to list the kinds of dates to avoid when they are expecting her period.

  • 1. Swimming dates, such as going to a pool or the beach.

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    “If I’m expecting my period, I wouldn’t be able to have fun because I would be too concerned about it starting.” Periods don’t always come on time, so even if your girlfriend is not on her period yet, you might want to avoid taking her swimming. If you want to plan a pool or beach date, give her a few options that are spread throughout the month.

  • 2. Stay-at-home dates in his room.

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    “I’m afraid that we’ll get into the mood.” Most women don’t want to get too cuddly during their time of the month. They might also feel distracted if they are about to get their period. If she hints that she’s not in the mood, give her some space—she will appreciate it.

  • 3. Movie dates that require her to sit for a long time.

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    “It would be a problem if I get my period during the movie.” Some women feel nervous having to sit for a long time. The same can be said for performances and sports games, so check in with your girlfriend about the date before you purchase the tickets.

  • 4. Shopping dates that require a lot of walking around.

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    “I don’t really feel like moving before I get my period.” Many women get less active before they get their period due to the hormonal changes. Make things easier for your girlfriend by offering indoor and outdoor options for your dates.

  • 5. Outdoor dates where she might not find restrooms.

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    “It’s a problem if I can’t easily find a bathroom.” Women find outdoor dates very stressful when bathrooms are not readily available or when they are given limited opportunities for bathroom breaks. They might also hesitate to visit amusement parks for the same reason.

  • 6. BBQ dates, which she may not be able to enjoy, depending on how she feels

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    “I tend to avoid eating greasy food before and after my period.” Some women have completely different dietary preferences before they get their period. This means that, around their time of the month, your girlfriend might not enjoy the same foods she usually likes. Always ask if she is in the mood for something light or filling, and suggest a restaurant based on how she feels.

  • 7. Sports dates that are physically taxing.

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    “I just feel so sluggish before that time of the month.” Going on a date that requires being physically active can be a burden for women who aren’t feeling their best before they get their period. Some women also worry about having a stronger body order during this time, so it’s best to avoid engaging in active outdoor events.

  • 8. Going out for drinks, because her body might not handle it well.

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    “I get drunk easily before and during my period. Maybe it’s because of my hormones.” Some women don’t enjoy drinking before their time of the month. If you are desperate to go out for a drink, pick a bar that offers plenty of nonalcoholic options, and ask her to keep you company for a glass.

  • 9. Hanging out with his friends when she’s not in the mood to socialize.

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    “I don’t like hanging out with people I don’t know well because I get easily irritated.” Periods can also affect women emotionally. Women want to be on their best behavior when meeting their boyfriends’ friends, so feel her out on the idea and let her pick the date.

Last updated: October 16, 2017