9 Annoying Things Girlfriends Say during Dates

Has your boyfriend ever suddenly got grumpy during a date? It might be because of something you said unintentionally. This time, we surveyed guys to bring you nine annoying things girlfriends say during dates.

  • 1. You tell him, “I actually need to go to the bathroom,” right after you passed a service area on a highway

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    “You can’t control what your body has to do, but it’s kind of annoying.” You might ruin your date plan with a badly timed request. Whether you need to go to the bathroom or not, make a point to go while you still can when you are traveling long distances.

  • 2. You tell him, “Sorry, I’m not feeling well,” as soon as you see each other at your meeting spot

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    “I don’t want her to push herself, but if she’s not feeling well I wish she’d have contacted me before.” If you are not feeling well, let your boyfriend know in advance. Try to get in touch with him before he leaves his house and ask him if you can meet another day.

  • 3. You tell him, “Honestly, I’m not a big fan of theme parks,” while lining up for a ride

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    “If she doesn’t like it, why didn’t she say it before we came?” Your partner might get irritated when you start criticizing the place once you are already there. If you are not satisfied with the dates your boyfriend plans, help him with the planning process.

  • 4. You tell him, “I actually don’t really like this,” after you said you’d be happy to eat anything

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    “She’s not ‘ok with anything’!” It’s not good to complain about the food after you’ve agreed to order it. If you don’t like something, let your boyfriend know beforehand.

  • 5. You tell him, “I didn’t want to take the train,” while heading to your destination

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    “We can’t go back now. I got annoyed and thought, ‘Why didn’t she say it earlier!’” Your boyfriend will wonder, “Why now?”, if you start to complain about how you are getting to your destination once you’ve already begun your journey. If you are not feeling it, let him know as soon as you can so you won’t end up hurting him.

  • 6. You tell him, “I’m actually not interested in this movie,” after you’ve already bought the tickets

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    “I was cool with watching something my girlfriend wanted to see…” It’s your choice to compromise for your boyfriend, but it’s not good for you to mention it. If you think you won’t enjoy tagging along to what your boyfriend wants to see, be honest with him before you buy the tickets.

  • 7. You tell him, “It was really hard to get around in my high heels!” after you walked around

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    “She made me feel as if I was insensitive not to notice it, and I got annoyed.” Guys have no clue what it feels like to walk in high heels. Your boyfriend won’t know unless you tell him. If you let him know as soon as you start feeling pain in your feet, he might be able to respond appropriately.

  • 8. You wake up early, wait in a long line, and then mention “I’ve been here lots of times”

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    “I made the effort to take her all the way there. I can’t describe the feeling I got the moment I found out she already knew about the spot. We went there for nothing.” Your words might discourage your boyfriend even if you mean no harm. Either choose to tell him that you’ve already been there, or to keep it a secret.

  • 9. You tell him, “I want to go home by 7 p.m. tonight,” just as he tries to take you to the next spot

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    “We are two adults going out. I can’t believe she wanted us to get going by 7 p.m.” Suddenly telling your boyfriend that you need to go home when you are having a special moment can spoil the fun. If you have a curfew or another plan for the evening, let him know in advance what time you need to leave.

Published: July 29, 2017