9 Times Japanese girls Feel Like They Can Open up to Their Boyfriends

As your relationship progresses, you might want to be accepted for who you really are more than you want to look your best in front of your partner. When do Japanese girls know they’ve reached this stage in their relationship? This time, we conducted a survey to introduce nine times Japanese girls feel like they can open up to their boyfriends.

  • 1. When she has an emotional argument with her boyfriend

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    “Trust allows us to be honest with each other.” This was a common response among our female readers. Fights are not always a negative thing. Bumping heads and later apologizing can sometimes help couples strengthen their relationships more than when they choose to bite their tongues and let their frustration build.

  • 2. When she gets to spend time with him in her PJs

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    “I guess that means we can relax a bit, right?” Many women find being in a laid-back relationship comfortable. Giving each other some slack might be the secret to a lasting relationship.

  • 3. When she takes a funny picture with him

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    “I just want to act totally silly and have a good laugh.” A surprising number of women told us they are keen to share silly, fun moments with their boyfriends. Women feel hesitant to act silly when guys shy away from it, so you can go a little overboard when joking around.

  • 4. When she cries in front of him when she feels down

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    “I was going through a difficult time so I cried. But I was glad it happened in front of him.” Some women feel liberated when they can be vulnerable in front of their boyfriends. You should not be upset when your girlfriend cries; instead, shower her with kindness.

  • 5. When she talks about her life before she met him

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    “This has been on my mind for a long time, so I’m glad I could finally take it off my chest.” Some women might carry emotional baggage from the past that has nothing to do with their current boyfriends. It might not be a fun story, but it’s important to show genuine interest when your girlfriend talks to you about something that’s so important to her.

  • 6. When she laughs with him after farting

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    “I guess we are like a married couple now.” Women realize how great it is to be in a long-term relationship when their partners don’t care if they fart. Make sure you don’t make a big deal out of it and laugh it off when this happens so you don’t hurt your girlfriend’s feelings.

  • 7. When she lets him see what she looks like when she’s asleep

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    “I feel reassured that he still likes me even when I don’t look my best.” For women, being able to show a look that only their families have seen is a big deal. Don’t tease her about how she looks while she’s sleeping; instead, tell her how beautiful she is even when she is sleeping.

  • 8. When she goes to an all-you-can-eat restaurant with him

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    “I remember I felt nervous about eating in front of him when we first started dating.” Some women are happy to find themselves in a relaxed relationship. Your girlfriend might be offended when you say, “You eat a lot,” so try to go for a more encouraging comment like, “I love watching you eat.”

  • 9. When she’s comfortable enough to not wear makeup in front of him

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    “I feel embarrassed without makeup. It’s like being naked.” This is a view many women share. You know your girlfriend really trusts you when she is comfortable going au naturel in front of you. Not wearing makeup can make some women nervous, so reassure your girlfriend by offering her compliments, like “Your skin looks great.”

Last updated: October 13, 2017