9 Stalkerish Behaviors That Turn Men Off

They say that love is blind. However, there is a fine line between love and stalkerish obsession. We asked men which needy behaviors women do that turn them off and compiled the following list.

  • 1. You send him a “Did you get home?” text right as he gets home.

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    “When her timing is that spot on, it makes me feel like I’m being watched.” Instead, try sending him a text letting him know that you just got home, to come across as less stalkerish.

  • 2. You call until he answers.

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    “I’m at work!! There’s no need for that many calls if it’s not an emergency.” Be considerate of his schedule—instead, you can leave a sweet voice mail about how you can’t wait for your upcoming date.

  • 3. You say things like, “You were at (place) yesterday, right?”

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    “It makes me feel like I’m being followed.” Tell him what you did yesterday, and he’ll likely share what he did too. If you do happen to see him out and about, go say “hi” instead of waiting until the next day to say, “I saw you at (place) yesterday.”

  • 4. You often ask him who he’s hanging out with.

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    “If you’re not my girlfriend, then it’s none of your business.” The last thing you want to do is make a man feel controlled. If you share your plans and he doesn’t reciprocate, let it be and don’t pester him.

  • 5. You double (or even triple!) text.

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    “Give me a chance to reply!” Men see double texting as a sign of desperation. A conversation is like playing catch: you’ve thrown the ball—now wait for him to throw it back.

  • 6. You stalk his social media.

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    “It’s a turn off when she brings up things I haven’t told her myself.” It’s not wrong to view his social media, but don’t memorize everything he’s ever posted. If you learn something new through his social media, wait for him to tell you in person.

  • 7. You show up at his house unannounced.

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    “It doesn’t make any sense. If you want to hangout, contact me first!” Be considerate of the fact that other people have their own schedules too. Don’t show up at his house without making plans with him first.

  • 8. You buy matching items without telling him.

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    “The point of buying matching items is that you buy them together.” It’s a cute idea, but hold off until you’re on a date, so you can buy them together. If you really want to buy something matching, he might appreciate it more as a gift.

  • 9. He’s not your boyfriend, but your lock screen is a picture of him.

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    “It’s creepy to think that she took a picture of me or is using a picture of me, without me knowing.” It’s one thing to have a celebrity as your lock screen, but your crush is not a celebrity. Creep his social media if you must, but don’t use his picture as your wallpaper.

Published: August 05, 2017