9 “Absurd Reasons to Break Up” That Japanese girls Still Cannot Comprehend

When you are the one doing the dumping, you have to think carefully about “why you are breaking up” and discuss it seriously with your Japanese girlfriend. Otherwise, Japanese girls get confused, hurt, and angry – and still don’t understand why you need to break up. This time, we surveyed Japanese girls to introduce “9 ‘absurd reasons to break up’ that women still cannot comprehend.”

  • 1. A blatantly honest reason, like “I want to go out with other people.”

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    “I guess he wasn’t taking our relationship seriously.” This makes Japanese girlfriend feel sad and inadequate. You might have been serious about your partner at one time, but you’ll hurt her deeply when you say you want to get to know other women. She might be more understanding if you tell her, “I fell for someone else.”

  • 2. A trivial reason, like “we don’t like the same kind of movies.”

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    “Would a guy really dump his girlfriend for that?” This is more likely to surprise Japanese girlfriend than to make them sad. Even if this is important to you, it’s unlikely that your girlfriend will understand. Be creative and more general in the way you phrase it. You could say something like, “We don’t share the same values.”

  • 3. An athletics-related reason, like “I need to focus on playing soccer.”

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    “I would get it if he was a professional soccer player… but it’s just an afterschool activity (wry).” Japanese girls will have a hard time understanding you when you list reasons that are not directly related to the relationship. You should be more specific about why you can’t balance your sport and your love life by saying something like, “I want to practice 5 hours a day, so I wouldn’t have any time to see you.”

  • 4. A reason that sounds like an excuse, like “You will be happier with someone else.”

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    “Don’t force the idea on me!” Some of our readers sounded like they were about to burst into an anger tirade… It can be aggravating for the dumpee when the dumper suggests that he is doing her a favor. Focus on why you want to break up, so your girlfriend doesn’t get angry at you.

  • 5. An arbitrary reason, like “If we are meant to be together, our paths will cross again.”

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    “What does he mean? I really don’t get it.” This downright confuses women. You are breaking up with your Japanese girlfriend, yet hinting that “your paths will cross again” by leaving your future up to chance. This mixed message is enough to make your girlfriend seasick. It’s better for you to be honest, even if that makes you the bad guy.

  • 6. Blaming others for the breakup, like “My parents are against it.”

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    “Why don’t you let your mom decide everything?” Some Japanese girls get fed up when guys break up with them for this kind of a reason. They cannot believe that a grown man would let his parents interfere with his love life and that he would do as they say. If this is the only reason for you to break up with your girlfriend, you might want to reconsider the breakup itself.

  • 7. Superstitious reasons, like “We will suffer bad luck next year.”

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    “Does that even count as a reason to break up?” Some Japanese girls are left speechless when you break up with them for superstitious reasons. It’s your choice to take fortune-telling seriously, but women will think that you “lack individuality” if you let it dictate your life. You should take a step back and reflect on your relationship with your girlfriend without the help of fortune-telling.

  • 8. A reason related to distance, like “we’ll be further apart.”

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    “Why doesn’t he give it a try first?” Japanese girls are disappointed when guys talk about breaking up solely based on the assumption that a long-distance relationship will not work out. Discuss how you might overcome the physical distance first. You can still decide to break up afterward, or you might find a solution that makes the breakup unnecessary.

  • 9. A vague reason, like “I don’t really know why, but I just want us to break up.”

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    “If he doesn’t even know why, then how am I supposed to understand where he’s coming from?” This makes your Japanese girlfriend feel listless. You shouldn’t rush into a breakup talk until you have sufficient explanations to back up why you started to feel like you wanted to break up with her.

Last updated: October 08, 2017