9 Conditions That Allow Japanese girls to Remain Friends with Their Ex-Boyfriends

It’s sad when couples break up, but some also manage to build cordial relationships as friends later. Of course, not all couples can do this. This time, we introduce nine conditions that allow Japanese girls to remain friends with their ex-boyfriends based on our survey of Japanese girls.

  • 1. They have something in common, like work and hobbies, outside of their relationship

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    “I think it’s easy to become friends if we have something in common outside of the relationship.” Couples are likely to become friends when they have other things that bring them together. You don’t need to think about what will happen if your relationship ends, but having a common hobby can be great.

  • 2. They parted ways as friends because they talked until they came to an understanding

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    “You can’t be friends if you have a bad breakup.” Women cannot see themselves befriending guys with whom they had messy breakups. Don’t lose your head, and value your girlfriend until your relationship officially ends.

  • 3. They were friends before they became boyfriend and girlfriend

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    “It’s quite easy to go back to being friends if you’ve been friends for a long time.” Guys who went from being friends to boyfriends have higher chances of remaining friends with their girlfriends once their relationships are over. This is probably because they already know how to interact as friends. Think back to how you used to call her and talk to her before you started dating to help you in the transition.

  • 4. They broke up for reasons other than incompatibility in their personalities and values

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    “You can’t be friends with someone you are not compatible with.” It’s difficult to start over as friends if you simply don’t get along as people. This is common in cases where people end their relationships because of cheating or gambling.

  • 5. They liked each other for who they are in addition to how they look

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    “I can’t really be friends with someone if I’m only interested in their appearance.” Women find it difficult to befriend a guy once the attraction is lost unless they are attracted to who he is as a person. If you cannot get any of your exes to be friends with you, you might need to work a little more on your inner self.

  • 6. They are no longer attracted to each other romantically

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    “It’s hard to be friends when you are still attracted to someone.” Getting over romantic feelings is a prerequisite for exes to be friends. The same can be said for situations where guys are still attracted to their ex-girlfriends. Women put their guards up, which makes it harder to build friendships.

  • 7. They dated for a while so they know everything about each other

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    “If I break up with someone quickly, I know we were not compatible.” When couples stay together for a long time, they know they are compatible as people. If your relationships are often short lived, you might want to take a different approach to choosing your girlfriends.

  • 8. His current girlfriend is not jealous

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    “No matter what we think about each other, we cannot be friends if his new girlfriend opposes it.” Exes cannot remain friends if their current partners don’t approve of their friendships. You need to date someone understanding if you want to keep your ex as a friend.

  • 9. They respect each other even after the relationship is over

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    “Who wants to be friends with someone they don’t even respect?” We heard some bitter opinions for this one. Attraction alone cannot convince women to befriend their exes. You should find something you can dedicate yourself to, be it work or art, to gain your girlfriend’s admiration.

Last updated: October 13, 2017