9 Insecurities Guys Secretly Feel When They Discover That Their Girlfriends’ Ex Is Good-Looking

Guys tend to feel competitive with their girlfriends’ exes. If her ex is attractive, a guy might appear calm on the surface while feeling very conflicted inside. This time, based on our survey of guys, we introduce nine insecurities guys secretly feel when they discover that their girlfriends’ ex is good-looking.

  • 1. He doubts himself and thinks, “Am I good enough for her...?”

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    “I suddenly lose confidence…” Many guys start to worry whether their girlfriends actually love them. To reassure your boyfriend, it’s important that you acknowledge the good things that are unique about him by saying something like, “What’s inside the person is more important than how he looks” or “You make me feel calm.”

  • 2. He feels upset that he is being compared to a hot guy

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    “I feel even more down when I look at myself.” Quite a few guys feel like they’re being exposed to an intense competition. You can compliment your boyfriend on his attractive features aside from his face, like his dependability and his pleasant words and actions.

  • 3. He decides to become a better person

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    “I get even more competitive because the task is clear.” Some guys get overly competitive and try to compete by showing off what’s inside. It might be annoying if your boyfriend tries to show off that he’s working hard, but you can make him feel better by complimenting him on his efforts.

  • 4. He gets jealous because he thinks he’s just another pretty face

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    “Sometimes I get pissed at my girlfriend…” Some guys feel uneasy because they get jealous that their girlfriends used to date attractive guys. You can improve his mood and calm him down by telling him, “I find you more attractive.”

  • 5. He gets disappointed that his girlfriend likes to go for good-looking guys

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    “There is more to a man than just his looks.” Guys who are confident in their values might be turned off by how surprisingly simple women can be. If your boyfriend is a really confident person, you need to act mature and agree with him. Try telling him, “You are right, what’s inside matters more.”

  • 6. He feels inferior, like he must be a rebound

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    “I end up considering myself a compromise.” Some guys go to extremes and end up devaluing themselves. If this happens, your boyfriend might not be receptive of your expressions of love unless you exaggerate them. Tell him, “I love you!” and flirt with him.

  • 7. He gets sulky because he thinks his girlfriend just chose him for stability

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    “I withdraw into my shell.” Guys get hurt, and they can start to be suspicious of their girlfriends. If your boyfriend is logical and sensitive, you need to tell him specifically what you like about him to convince him that you really want to be with him. You can tell him something like, “I fell for you when I saw you do...”

  • 8. He feels ashamed because he thinks his girlfriends’ friends must think more highly of her ex than of him

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    “I’m embarrassed by the way I acted when I didn’t know any better.” Guys who care about their reputations will worry about how others perceive them. If your boyfriend likes to show off, pass on some positive comments from your friends to help him calm down.

  • 9. He becomes happy that he must have something more than just looking good

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    “This means that she chose me over an attractive guy, right?” Quite a few guys view the situation positively. If this happens, you can compliment your ex on purpose because the higher you rate your ex, the higher your boyfriend will rate himself.

Published: August 06, 2017