9 Things Girls Do When They Are Attracted to Their Boyfriends’ Friends

When a girl’s relationship with her boyfriend is starting to get serious and he introduces her to his friends but she happens to be attracted to one of them, what does she do? We asked our female readers this question to bring you nine things girls do when they’re attracted to their boyfriends’ friends.

  • 1. Ignore her feelings

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    “This is not happening. You are just imagining things…” Many girls try to lie to themselves and control their feelings. This is a good opportunity to ask yourself why you are having these feelings in the first place. Maybe you are not satisfied in your current relationship?

  • 2. Increase her chances of encountering him through mutual friends

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    “First I should get to know him more. That’s harmless, right?” Some girls tried to find ways to increase their chances of encountering their crush and got excited about it. You have to be careful about overdoing it though and being suspected by your boyfriend.

  • 3. Anticipate meeting with him again

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    “I found it stimulating, and I felt more conscious about myself as a girl, like I always needed to look good [laugh].” Some girls add spice to their love lives with a fleeting crush, and they enjoy the anticipation. If this doesn’t show up radically in her actions, then the relationship should be safe.

  • 4. Wait for him to make a move

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    “I was wishing he would make the first move.” These girls tried to appeal to the guy secretly, such as glancing at him in a teasing way when no one was looking and trying to get him to make the first move. Just be careful that you don’t do this when your boyfriend is by your side.

  • 5. Tell her boyfriend about him jokingly and make him jealous

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    “When you have been going out for a while, your boyfriend starts taking you for granted. So it is good to make him feel jealous at times.” Some girls told their boyfriends about their crushes on purpose to bring him to the edge. Be careful not to tease him too hard though, or you might set him off!

  • 6. Consciously keep her distance

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    “I kept my distance because otherwise I would get more curious about him.” These girls tried to keep their distance and avoided thinking about the guy. But if you are too straightforward and you tell your boyfriend you don’t want to see this guy, then there is a chance he could think you don’t like his friends.

  • 7. Get to know him as a friend

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    “I wanted to know what kind of person he was, so I got to know him as a friend.” A lot of girls hide their true feelings and start hanging out with their crushes as a friend. There shouldn’t be any trouble in your relationship if you keep it to a casual friendship.

  • 8. Send him messages

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    “It’s just messages. That should be alright. I think.” A few girls who keep their feelings a secret from their boyfriends and texted the guy. Even if you don’t meet face to face, doing this in moderation might be a good idea.

  • 9. Break up with her boyfriend

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    “I couldn’t lie to myself or my boyfriend. So I broke up with him.” These girls broke up with their boyfriends and went after the friend. Worst-case scenario, you might end up losing both guys, but at least you are being honest about your feelings.

Published: August 07, 2017