9 Things You Can Say to Get Your Boyfriend to Delete His Ex-Girlfriend’s Number

It’s uncomfortable when your boyfriend still keeps his ex’s number in his cell phone. Many women find it hard to tell their boyfriends to delete her number even if they want him to because they fear he won’t accept such a request. This time, based on our survey of guys, we introduce nine things you can say to get your boyfriend to delete his ex-girlfriend’s number.

  • 1. Hesitantly tell him, “I like you so I feel nervous”

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    “My girlfriend is important to me. I don’t want her to feel sad.” These words speak directly to a guy’s conscience. However, if you get anxious, your boyfriend might think that you doubt him. You should emphasize your love for your boyfriend when you say this to him.

  • 2. Give it to him straight by saying, “Can you delete it because I don’t like it?”

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    “She didn’t sound sarcastic, so it felt good deleting it.” Many guys will accept this request genuinely. Your boyfriend’s heart will be moved by the honest, non-calculating way you speak to him. It’s a good idea to be upfront rather than choosing your words if your guy prefers straightforwardness.

  • 3. Smile sadly and say, “It’s ok. You don’t have to delete it. It’s an important memory”

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    “I feel guilty when I see her acting strong.” Not asking your boyfriend to delete her number on purpose could be an effective strategy. Your words will reach his heart even better if you hug him silently after you say this and show him that you actually want him to delete it through action.

  • 4. Give him a lonely look and say, “I want to be the only one you look at”

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    “I feel like she really loves me when she gets jealous.” Some guys find closure by feeling their girlfriends’ affection firsthand. People often feel nervous at the beginning of their relationships, and they compare how much they love each other. If you tell your boyfriend how much you feel for him, he should genuinely respond to your request.

  • 5. Give him a serious look and say, “I know it’s selfish of me, but please”

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    “That one word, ‘please,’ makes me want to listen to her.” If you ask your boyfriend humbly, he might grow fonder of you. This is an especially good way to get stubborn guys to listen to and accept your request. Rather than saying it jokingly, be serious in your tone to let him know that you mean it.

  • 6. Innocently say, “You still have her in your phone so you don’t answer her calls by mistake, right?”

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    “I couldn’t betray her when she trusts me so much.” Some guys are moved by their girlfriends’ trusting attitude. Make a point to not show you’re worried inside so your boyfriend won’t think you are clingy.

  • 7. Get a little pissed and say, “I deleted my ex’s number the day we started dating!”

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    “I would feel ashamed if she was able to do it and I couldn’t.” This might fuel his manly pride. This might be an effective approach if your boyfriend was worried about your ex.

  • 8. Smile at him and say, “You want to stay in touch with your ex as friends, right?”

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    “That makes me feel a little sad and makes me want to cherish my current girlfriend.” Some guys realize that they value their current girlfriends more than their exes when they show such understanding. However, you acknowledge your boyfriend’s ex as his female friend by saying this. If you cannot stand the idea, you should be honest about it.

  • 9. Confidently tell him, “You don’t need anyone else but me”

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    “In spite of myself, I start thinking, ‘She’s right.’” Some guys feel pressured by their girlfriends' stubborn attitudes, which makes them forget about their exes. However, your boyfriend could also see this as a message that you will always be there for him. If your boyfriend wants you to take the lead in the relationship, this should help him feel more secure.

Published: August 08, 2017