9 Haughty Things You Can Say to Act Flirty and Excite Guys

A surprisingly large number of guys like girls who tease and are a little aloof. One way to play up this trait is to say things in a bossy manner. So, based on a survey answered by the guys of Sugoren, we introduce “9 Haughty Things You Can Say to Act Flirty and Excite Guys.” If you want to make a guy feel something for you, try adding a little spice to your words.

  • 1. “If you like me, then maybe I’ll like you, too.”

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    “Even if she’s just a friend, I suddenly become really aware of her as a girl.” While it may seem a little haughty, guys will sense your feelings toward them and get excited. You may end up accidentally leading on guys whom you’re not that interested in, though, so only use it if you really do want your friendship to develop into a romance.

  • 2. “It’s not like I’m helping you out because I especially like you.”

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    A lot of guys felt that “It’s like she’s hiding her embarrassment, and it’s really cute.” You’re communicating to him that you want to help him out, so even if you say it in a standoffish way, it can leave a favorable impression. If there’s a younger guy you like at work, acting as his superior in this way may be a good way to approach him.

  • 3. “You’re not really my type, but you are cool.”

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    “I’d be like, ‘She said I was cool!’ I’d be really happy.” Many guys are more than happy to receive a compliment. However, make sure your “You’re not my type” isn’t misunderstood by him as “I wouldn’t want you as a boyfriend” by adding on something like, “I mean, I’d be worried that you’d be popular with a lot of girls.” This will help communicate your feelings toward him even more.

  • 4. “It’s cold. Lend me your jacket!”

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    “She wouldn’t say something like that to a guy she didn’t like.” Some guys get excited, and feel that even if a girl says this in a bossy way, she’s still showing her feelings for him. If the person you like is the kind of guy who can’t take a hint, you may be able to get closer by using this kind of ploy.

  • 5. “You’re a nicer person than I thought.”

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    “I’d be kind of curious and think, ‘So what kind of impression did you have of me at the start, then?’” Guys will pay more attention to a girl if she gives them a backhanded compliment instead of a straight one. Try using this one casually on someone who catches your attention at a party.

  • 6. “I think you can do better; don’t you?”

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    If she said it to me when I was feeling down, I’d probably be quite touched.” Words that tell guys, “I know you can do better than this” can help give them confidence in themselves. They’ll feel that you really understand their good points, and think, “I want her to be near me and support me.”

  • 7. “Sorry, but would you walk me home?”

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    A lot of guys will get their hopes up and get excited, thinking, “She wants to spend more time with me.” Instead of a situation when you’re already alone, try whispering it to him as you’re leaving a party. This can be effective for fueling his self-respect and making him think, “She chose me out of everyone.”

  • 8. “I couldn’t really date anyone at your level.”

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    “My female boss who I really liked said this to me, and it was great!” Even if it’s from a position of considerable superiority, this is a killer phrase that can get a guy hanging on your every word. It can also look a little pathetic if you misjudge the situation, though, so make sure you’re feeling confident and attractive enough to pull it off.

  • 9. “I feel like I might end up liking you somehow.”

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    “Even for someone who’s shy like me, I feel like hearing this would give me confidence and make me more outgoing.” This phrase can help appeal to a guy’s hunting instincts. Hearing a girl’s romantic feelings can give quiet guys the push they need, so try this if you’re the kind of girl who finds it difficult to tell a guy you like him straight to his face.

Published: January 16, 2017