9 Reasons Why the Guy Didn’t Ask the Girl Out

Even though a girl and guy might hit it off from the start, it may not lead to anything. We asked guys the reason behind this, and this is what they had to say.

  • 1. Someone else beat the girl to the finish.

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    “It’s always great to hear someone say they like you.” This is a case where a more proactive girl beat them to the guy. Instead of waiting for a guy to make the move, take a leap of faith and make the first move yourself!

  • 2. They moved away to another place.

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    “I moved away and we became distant.” It’s hard work to stay in contact after starting a relationship when the girl and the guy live in two different places. If you think it’s worth it, then give it a shot! Say and do things that will make you feel like the two of you are still close in different ways.

  • 3. They were afraid of being rejected.

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    “I did not want to feel depressed because I was rejected.” Some guys might think that a girl is a little out of their league, even after they make a connection. Rather than asking her out, he settles for someone who feels safer. If you want the guy to ask you out, make it easier for him by dropping hints to let him know that you like him back.

  • 4. They were not confident about themselves.

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    “I was just some guy to them anyway.” The guys could not take the relationship further because they did not feel confident about themselves around girls. Guys, practice makes perfect. Get yourself out there more often with your friends and boost your confidence!

  • 5. They ended up being good friends.

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    “We ended up spending a lot of time together before dating, and ended up being friends.” They both got comfortable being friends and somehow lost the initial spark. Being comfortable with each other is important, but don’t get too comfortable—remember to keep the sexual tension alive as well!

  • 6. They were engrossed in their work or hobby.

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    “I was not interested in being in a relationship.” A simple case of bad timing! We all go through different phases in our lives, and sometimes work or hobbies take up our time, so much so that it leaves no time for a romantic relationship. If it’s worth it, you might try waiting for the phase to “phase out”!

  • 7. They were both waiting for the other to make the first move.

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    “I was not quite sure about how she felt.” It’s difficult for a relationship to blossom when the girl and the guy are both passive. It might be better to reach out to someone who is a bit different from you and have some balance in the relationship. Ying and yang!

  • 8. They did not want to ruin their friendship.

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    “I did not want to ruin the friendship that we already had.” Starting to date would change their current friendship dynamically, so the guys were hesitant to take it to the next level. It might help to talk about it with the other person and proceed slowly—do some small couple’s thing and take it from there.

  • 9. They were too picky.

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    “I started noticing even the smallest things about them.” This is from guys who were starting to think about marriage. They began being picky about who they dated, and eventually it made it harder for them to take the first step. Guys, take it easy and remember that perfection is overrated! You have to be able to see past small imperfections, because we all have them!

Published: August 09, 2017