9 Reasonable Comments That Irritate Your Japanese Girlfriend

Being argumentative is never a welcome quality in any relationships. Depending on how you deliver your message, things can quickly escalate into something ugly. Today, based on survey responses we received, we introduce you some logical, rational, yet irritating comments that will strain your relationship with your Japanese girlfriend.

  • 1. “He is the lowest of the low.” – You criticize her ex.

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    “I guess I shouldn’t have brought it up, but he rubs me the wrong way when he criticizes a person I once loved.” She doesn’t want outsiders to tarnish her memories of her ex. She may feel that criticizing her ex is the same thing as criticizing her judgment. Of course she will feel offended.

  • 2. “Why do you need to go shopping when you don’t have the money to spend?”

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    “That may be so, but can he suggest something else that’s fun for me to do?” Although what you’re saying is absolutely reasonable, remember that women don’t suggest shopping as an activity because they need to buy something. To some women, shopping is just another fun activity they can enjoy with their boyfriends or friends. Even if you find that think she’s not making any sense, try going with her and enjoying the time together.

  • 3. “Why don’t we each grab something to eat before we meet?” – You try to save money.

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    “I am so disappointed.” Even though you’re just trying to save money, many women view having a friendly conversation over a meal as part of the joy of going out on a date. For you to take that away from her is to take half of the fun of the date away from her.

  • 4. “Having a drink with female coworkers is part of my job.” – You justify having drink with female co-workers.

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    “He doesn’t think I’m that gullible, does he?” Even if such an activity is truly part of your job, it likely won’t sit well with your girlfriend. She probably won’t like the fact that you’re going out to drink with women no matter how you put it. Instead, it’s better to bring home take-out or dessert to show her that you care.

  • 5. “I’m more experienced than you are.”

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    “You are not the boss of me! How irritating.” Just because you are a few years older than her, she’s going to get annoyed if you patronize her. Instead of forcing your knowledge on her, learn to use your experience to support her.

  • 6. “You always complain about gaining weight. You shouldn’t eat that.”

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    “Okay, I got the hint, but does he have to eat my favorite sweets right in front of me?” You probably have to take a lesson in being more sensitive. If you are really concerned and you want to help her control her appetite, show your support by not eating the sweets. She’ll feel more motivated to stick to healthier eating habits.

  • 7. “I knew you’d get mad that I’m still using something my ex got me.” – You were still using a gift from your ex-girlfriend.

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    “Duh! Of course I get mad. Besides, he’s missing the point.” Being defiant is probably not the best approach in this situation. If she found out that you’ve been deceitful, an apology is the best first line of defense. After that, why not joke and say, “If you could buy me a replacement, I’d love that!”

  • 8. “You should wear your makeup like that. Don’t you want everyone to think you’re pretty?” – You dictate how she wears her makeup.

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    “I don’t, but he probably wants everyone to think he has a pretty girlfriend.” To maintain your own reputation, you tell her how to dress and wear makeup. However, that’ll irritate her for sure. If you’d like her to get dressed up and wear makeup every time you go out with her, you should complement her by saying, “You really brighten up when you wear makeup!”

  • 9. “I guess you can’t copy my mom’s cooking.”

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    “It’s so discouraging when I receive criticism over my cooking.” It’s very common for women to have complexes about their boyfriends’ moms, so leave your mom’s cooking out of it. You should simply be thankful that your girlfriend cooked a meal for you and learn to enjoy the dishes she makes.

Last updated: October 17, 2017