9 Things Guys Regret Doing Once They Break Up with Their Girlfriends

Many guys wish they could apologize to their girlfriends once they break up with them because they finally realize how much pain they’ve caused. But what do guys actually regret doing to their girlfriends? This time, we gathered guys’ opinions to introduce nine things guys regret doing once they break up with their girlfriends.

  • 1. He didn’t check in on his girlfriend because he was too busy studying and working

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    “I was wrong to think that she would understand.” Guys regret not focusing on their girlfriends because they had a lot on their plates. Your girlfriend might overcome her loneliness if you at least let her know by saying something like, “I’ll be busy for a while, so I might be hard to reach.”

  • 2. He made his girlfriend anxious because he couldn’t be honest about his feelings

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    If you don’t know how to be honest about how you feel, you can still let your girlfriend know she’s special by saying something like, “I am so glad you are my girlfriend.”

  • 3. He prioritized his plans with friends rather than with his girlfriend

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    “I really thought that I wasn’t doing anything wrong.” Some guys didn’t bother going out with their girlfriends because they were having too much fun with their friends. Ask her, “Do you want to come with us?” and include her in your plans to avoid causing a misunderstanding and making her think you value your friends more than you value her.

  • 4. He was dismissive and didn’t make an effort to talk things out during a fight

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    “I just didn’t feel like it.” Some guys regret dismissing the issues their girlfriends took to heart. No matter what you fought about, you can likely console your girlfriend by just saying, “I’m sorry I made you feel this way.”

  • 5. He wanted attention so he didn’t tell anyone he had a girlfriend

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    “No one talks to you at parties if you are taken.” Some guys pretended to be single in the hopes that they could hook up with other women. You should be faithful to your girlfriend because you will be labeled as a jerk once she hears about what you did through the grapevine.

  • 6. He kept to himself because he was afraid his girlfriend might stop liking him

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    “I was too much of a yes man.” Some guys regret worrying too much about displeasing their girlfriends, which made them feel like a wimp. Don’t be afraid to take charge when you are planning a date so your girlfriend never doubts your enthusiasm.

  • 7. He started dating his girlfriend carelessly and ended up hurting her because he soon realized she wasn’t right for him and dumped her

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    “I really liked her looks.” Guys often decide to date women based on how attractive they are. But they might end up feeling rude and selfish once they realize their personalities are incompatible, so they quickly end the relationship. You don’t have to hurt her or get hurt if you go on a few dates to get to know her before getting into a relationship.

  • 8. He wasn’t well off and he became a financial burden to his girlfriend

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    “I thought it was ok because we were in love.” Some guys really regret letting their girlfriends pamper them without thinking much of it. Let your girlfriend know you are working hard toward your future by telling her something like, “Give me two years, and it will be my turn to treat you.” She might be willing to give you time without complaining.

  • 9. He criticized his girlfriend for being too possessive

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    “I was being too much of a free spirit.” Some guys feel ashamed of acting selfishly by ignoring their girlfriends’ insecurities. You can reassure your girlfriend, especially if she’s often suspicious of you, by letting her know she is special. You can tell her something like, “I don’t care about other women. You are the only one for me.”

Published: August 11, 2017