7 Mementos from Past Relationships That Upset Your Japanese Girlfriend

Some guys keep sentimental items from their past relationships, and in most cases, their girlfriends are not happy about it. But what kind of items make Japanese girls feel uncomfortable? This time, we introduce mementos from past relationships that upset your Japanese girlfriend.

  • 1. Picture of you and your ex on a date

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    “I almost want to rip up the picture when I see them happy and snuggled up.” Some women get jealous when they see pictures of their boyfriends with previous girlfriends. If you have any of these pictures on your computer or phone, make sure to get rid of them before your girlfriend accidentally sees them and gets upset.

  • 2. Matching rings you bought together

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    “Even if he likes the design, it’s not acceptable.” Some women don’t like the idea that their boyfriends would keep matching rings that they bought with their ex-girlfriends. You should try to avoid wearing such rings because your girlfriend might question you, even if you bought it yourself.

  • 3. A wallet that your ex gave you

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    “I think about his ex every time he pays for something.” Some women feel worried and irritated because they end up thinking about their boyfriends’ exes. If you really like the wallet, you might consider buying another one yourself to be considerate.

  • 4. Handwritten letters your ex gave you on your anniversary or after a fight

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    “I think letters carry weight because they have sentimental value. I think he’s not over her if he still keeps them.” Women react sensitively to items that hint at a strong bond between their boyfriends and their exes. You can’t just pretend to have forgotten about it. You may have to get rid of them in a way that satisfies your girlfriend, like ripping them up in front of her.

  • 5. Decorative items, like cushions, that show your ex’s taste

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    “I can’t imagine spending time in a room that has been decorated by my boyfriend’s ex.” Some women feel disgusted by the idea that their boyfriends’ rooms were decorated by their exes. Your girlfriend will be more understanding if you ask her for help by saying something like, “I don’t really know how to decorate my room. Can you help me choose?”

  • 6. Things that your ex used to use at your house

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    “I imagine how much time they spent together in this room.” Some women feel uneasy about everyday items their boyfriends’ exes used and left behind. Your girlfriend might be furious if she finds your ex’s slippers, aprons, or anything else that hints that you lived together.

  • 7. Your ex’s toiletries, like skin lotion and makeup remover, that she left

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    “I still feel like his ex lives here.” Women will react badly to your ex-girlfriends’ favorite toiletries. Neither you nor your girlfriend will use these items, so the right thing to do is to throw them out once your relationship is over.

Last updated: October 13, 2017