8 Types of Interactions between Exes Japanese Girls Find Acceptable

Any woman in a relationship cares about how her boyfriend interacts with his ex. But are there certain types of interactions with an ex that your girlfriend would be comfortable with? This time, we introduce eight types of interactions between exes that Japanese girls find acceptable.

  • 1. They don’t talk to each other and have no way of getting in touch

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    “I think this is how it should be. Exes are an eyesore, after all.” Quite a few women wish their boyfriends had no way of contacting their exes. However, it’s important to remember that some women get a negative impression when exes don’t speak to each other, as one reader said: “Maybe their relationship ended horribly.”

  • 2. The ex is like any other female friend he feels comfortable introducing to his girlfriend

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    “If he can introduce her to me, I know he’s over her.” Some women feel comfortable with their boyfriends being friends with their exes as long as they see with their own eyes that the ex-girlfriend is not a threat. You should always check in with your girlfriend before you introduce her to your ex, however, because she might prefer not to meet her.

  • 3. The ex is married and he feels hesitant to even send her a text

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    “It’s all good if she’s already married.” Some women come to the conclusion that once exes are married, their boyfriends would not consider them potential romantic interests. You can tell your girlfriend, “We haven’t really talked since she got married” to further reassure her.

  • 4. They are best friends and he gives her relationship advice

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    “There shouldn’t be any problem if they are best friends.” Some women believe that once their boyfriends and the exes have developed a deep friendship, they couldn’t go back to being romantic partners. However, if your girlfriend doesn’t believe members of the opposite sex can be friends, she won’t get the idea no matter how much you explain.

  • 5. He cherishes his memories with his ex, but he’s not in touch with her

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    “I don’t really want to hear about her, but I guess I can compromise.” Some women turn a blind eye and let their boyfriends talk about the good old days as long as they are no longer in touch with their exes. Just be careful not to talk about your ex over and over because your girlfriend will suspect you are still not over her.

  • 6. They update each other occasionally and maintain a cordial relationship

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    “It’s actually reassuring to know that they ended things on a good note.” Some women see that their boyfriends are faithful from the way they interact with their exes. A jealous girlfriend will not ever be okay with this, though, so if that’s the case for you, don’t mention that you’re still in touch.

  • 7. They have a professional relationship as colleagues

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    “There’s nothing you can do if they are colleagues. It’s not like they can change jobs.” Some women know that business is business. If their boyfriends and exes are colleagues, they have to see each other every day. However, your girlfriend will grow distrustful if you go out on lunch dates with your ex, so be careful.

  • 8. They get updates about each other from mutual acquaintances

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    “I think this is pretty common. I’m totally fine as long as they are not in touch directly.” Many women think it’s fine for their boyfriends and their exes to get updates on each other through mutual acquaintances. Nonetheless, if you keep asking your mutual friends how your ex is doing, your girlfriend will think you care too much.

Last updated: October 22, 2017