9 Ways to Get Over an Old Crush

The longer you crush on someone, the harder it might be for you to get over it. It might be very difficult for you to take the next step and move on. We asked our female readers about their experiences with old crushes and how they got over them.

  • 1. Consciously avoid meeting or speaking with your crush

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    “Every time I saw him, my feelings bubbled up to the surface so I tried to avoid him.” Consciously avoid contacting your crush. This will help keep your feelings at bay. If you stop getting in touch with him completely, then you will slowly be able to move on.

  • 2. Try to find a new love

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    “The cure for love is love!” Loving someone else will definitely help you forget your old crush! All you have to do is be positive and move forward. Try going out more with your friends and meet new people!

  • 3. Make yourself busy with your work or hobby

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    “I think it would be best to get yourself so busy with other activities that you don’t have any room for love.” This will help reduce the time you spend thinking about your crush and help you move on. It might also help you be more rational and give you a different perspective.

  • 4. Meet new people and broaden your horizons

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    “Just listening to other people’s stories is good medicine.” It is tempting to stay inside your comfortable cocoon and keep thinking about him, but listening to other people and their experiences will help you broaden your horizons. There are so many different people out there, not just men, to discover!

  • 5. Confess your feelings no matter what happens

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    “Confessing and getting dumped is the best thing that you can do to get yourself to move on!” It is best to hear him say that the relationship isn’t going to happen than to drag the weight of your emotions along with you for a long, long time! It might hurt, but this way you will have no regrets when you look back.

  • 6. Throw away anything that reminds you of him

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    “Having his things within eyesight made me think of him again, so that was not good at all!” Just cleaning out things that remind you of him will slowly help you forget about him. If it is too hard for you to throw those things away, gather them into a box and put it away somewhere you can’t easily reach it.

  • 7. Relocate and start fresh

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    “It gives you a fresh start.” Moving to a new place resets your mind and helps you forget a little. You can get rid of things that remind you of your crush and get away from places where you have lots of memories. Eventually, you will move on.

  • 8. Change your number and delete his

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    “If I cut ties this way it will make it easier for me to move on.” When you forcibly create a situation where you can’t contact your crush, you can start thinking of him as someone you can never see again. This might be a little radical and it will take some courage, but it is very effective.

  • 9. Write down his flaws and think them through rationally

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    “This is very effective because I didn’t realize I was absurdly glorifying his pros.” You might be able to figure out what kind of person he really is when you can think rationally. Weighing his pros and cons will help you see the whole picture.

Published: August 10, 2017