9 Things You Do That Might Make Your Japanese Girlfriend Worry You’re Still Not Over Your Ex

Some Japanese girls find that their boyfriends’ ex-girlfriends are a thorn in their side. Japanese girls may end up feeling anxious about their boyfriend’s relationship with his ex, depending on how he acts. We surveyed women to find out what you do that makes your girlfriend worry you’re not over your ex.

  • 1. You’re still Facebook friends with your ex

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    “I get jealous when they comment frequently on each other’s posts.” Some women get jealous when their boyfriends are connected to their former girlfriends on Facebook, especially if they see a lot of interaction between them. You don’t need to unfriend your ex, but play it safe by avoiding making overly friendly comments.

  • 2. You call and text your ex

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    “Why did they break up if they’re so close?” Some women question just how close their boyfriend and his ex are because of the way they call and text each other. Give her some reasons why you’re still in touch, like “I don’t have feelings for her, but we’re into the same hobbies.”

  • 3. You keep gifts from your ex

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    “I know that they’re important to him, but it makes me wonder if he hasn’t moved on.” Your girlfriend may feel deeply hurt if you keep gifts from your ex. Accessories, in particular, often have stories behind them, so it might be best to keep them hidden from your girlfriend if you don’t want to throw them away.

  • 4. You make comments comparing your girlfriend to your ex

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    “Every time he compares me to her, I wonder if I’m just her replacement.” You’ll hurt your girlfriend if you’re constantly comparing her to your ex. It’s fine to compare them in your head, but try not to make any negative comparisons out loud.

  • 5. You’re sad after finding out that your ex is in a new relationship

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    “But he has me!” Women may feel extremely nervous if their boyfriend feels down after he finds out that his ex has a new boyfriend. You can use your guy friends as an outlet, but try not to make a big deal about it to your girlfriend.

  • 6. You keep your ex’s pictures on your phone

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    “I found them accidentally, and I was so shocked.” Your girlfriend may be unpleasantly surprised to find pictures on your phone that show the memories you shared with your ex. When you get a new girlfriend, you should consider taking the photos of your ex off your phone.

  • 7. You try to change your girlfriend’s hairstyle and clothing to suit your taste

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    “I wonder if he wants me to be like his ex.” If you try to make her change, your girlfriend might feel like she’s living in your ex-girlfriend’s shadow. Keep in mind that forcing your preferences on your girlfriend is like using her as an accessory rather than treating her as a person.

  • 8. You talk about your memories with your ex without being asked

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    “I guess he had a great time with her, since he likes to talk about her.” You might accidentally make your girlfriend sad if you’re not careful about how you talk about your ex. Keep in mind that it’s generally not recommended to talk about your ex to your current girlfriend, unless she asks.

  • 9. You never talk about your ex even when you are asked

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    “I wonder what happened. I guess he can’t talk about her because he still hasn’t moved on.” Women may get the idea that you haven’t gotten over your ex if you won’t answer any questions about her. If you want your girlfriend to give you some space, you can say, “It was a painful breakup, and I don’t want to talk about it.”

Last updated: October 14, 2017