9 Reasons Why Your Japanese Girlfriend Got Upset

It’s every guy’s worst nightmare to see their Japanese girlfriend’s mood turn from happy to irritated in an instant. You’ve probably been there. Lots of things could have upset her, but what if it’s you who caused the shift in her mood? Today, we asked Japanese girls to share what put them in a bad mood while they were on a date.

  • 1. He constantly checked his cell phone during dinner.

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    “He’s with me. Who could be more important!?” It’s supposed to be a relaxing dinner with pleasant conversation. Instead, you put your cell phone on the table, and that upset her. If you’re on call for work or you’re expecting an urgent phone call, let her know in advance.

  • 2. He walked way too fast for me to keep up.

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    “He didn’t even hold my hand and charged ahead. I was so sad.” You need to pay attention to the speed she walks; otherwise, she’ll be left behind. If you are a brisk walker, practice slowing down and get accustomed to her speed.

  • 3. He mentioned something about his ex.

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    “When we were on a date, he said, ’The last time I was here …’ It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out he had been there with his ex.” You don’t necessarily have to go into detail about your ex to upset your girlfriend. Things associated with your ex should be avoided at all cost.

  • 4. He wasn’t paying attention when I was talking.

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    “I’m not sure if he was listening, because his replies weren’t even relevant. It irritated me.” If you’re only pretending to listen to her, she may throw a curve ball to see if you’re really paying attention. If you need to check your phone or do something else, ask her to hold on, then resume the conversation afterwards.

  • 5. He kept saying “I’m tired” during the date.

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    “What, I’m not fun to be around?” If you say “I’m tired” too often, she’ll read between the lines and interpret your words as a sign that you don’t enjoy being around her. If you pulled an all-nighter and are truly tired, let her know in advance. Try telling her, “I worked all night and didn’t sleep, but I still wanted to see you.”

  • 6. He said he didn’t like my outfit.

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    “It’s not like I walk around with a spare outfit in my bag. I couldn’t do anything about it, and it made me self-conscious. I didn’t enjoy the date.” She painstakingly selected her outfit for your special date, and you have no right to complain about it. Negative feedback may be acceptable if you’re accompanying her on a shopping trip, but you should never make a negative comment about the outfit she’s wearing.

  • 7. He yawned frequently during the date.

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    “It’s like he’s telling me that I’m not exciting to be with.” If you yawn too many times during the date, she’ll be upset that you don’t find her interesting. If you get caught yawning, tell her that you were so excited about this date that you couldn’t sleep the night before. The lighthearted joke should cheer her up.

  • 8. He checked out other girls.

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    “Women are very sensitive to this. We notice right away.” Women will totally bust you if you start checking out other girls. If you’re staring at a woman because of her unique style, for example, get your girlfriend involved in the people watching.

  • 9. He introduced me as a friend.

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    “It was like he was ashamed of me. I was devastated.” Maybe you didn’t mean to hide the fact that she’s your girlfriend; you were just being little bashful about it. Still, her feelings will be hurt if you introduce her as your friend and not your girlfriend. Once you are in a committed relationship, you should always introduce her as your girlfriend.

Last updated: October 17, 2017