I Changed After Meeting Him! 9 Things Japanese Girls Are Grateful to Their Boyfriends For

Experiencing love once can change a woman’s life. Studying how Japanese girls grow and change through love provides useful tips on how to build a good relationship with your current Japanese girlfriend. This time, we introduce life changes that women are grateful to their ex-boyfriends for.

  • 1. He changed her negative way of thinking and made her more positive.

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    “My ex’s positivity influenced me to try out things I enjoy.” When guys show optimism through their words and actions, it can help women become more positive. If you aren’t confident in your own positive thinking, start by showing your appreciation by telling your girlfriend “thank you” as often as you can. This will brighten her mood when you are together.

  • 2. She used to think “I need to text him every day or I’ll die,” but she learned she doesn’t need to.

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    “I know that he loves me, even when he doesn’t text me.” Being reassured that they are loved can free some women from their anxiety. Tell your girlfriend “I love you” once in a while. This will help bring you closer, and she might stop needing to talk to you every day.

  • 3. She used to put herself first, but she learned to compromise.

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    “We had the same small arguments for a few years, but now I’ve learned to choose my battles.” By sharing opinions with their boyfriends over time, women came to accept their differences. If there are things that are important to you, keep letting your girlfriend know in a loving way. Even if your girlfriend is stubborn, she will eventually come to accept it.

  • 4. She started to care more about her family, when she previously never went home for the holidays.

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    “I saw how he always buys gifts for his family when he goes on a trip, and I felt ashamed of myself.” Seeing how guys cherish their family can inspire some women to care more for their own. Showing her how you value your family is also a sign to her that you would make a great husband.

  • 5. She used to be bad with money but is now in the habit of saving.

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    “I learned to tighten my purse strings.” Some women became better at managing their finances after following the example of guys who are good at saving. Your girlfriend will be more aware of her own finances if you help her calculate how much money she needs to build her future.

  • 6. She began to dress more feminine because she started to care how guys looked at her.

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    “It made me happy to see him happy.” Some women worked on refining their sense of fashion just to make their boyfriends happy. Compliment your girlfriend if she is wearing something nice. She might dress even nicer for you on your next date.

  • 7. She learned to trust her boyfriend because she realized being possessive only causes suffering.

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    “It doesn’t matter if I tie him down. If things are meant to end, they will. I learned that it’s more important for me to trust my boyfriend in this moment.” Some women learned the importance of trust through love. Women equally feel suffocated by guys who are possessive, so you too should trust your girlfriend and not overstep her boundaries.

  • 8. She used to eat out all the time, but she learned to enjoy cooking.

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    “I had so much fun cooking with him, so I got into the habit of cooking myself.” Some women fell in love with cooking after they cooked for their boyfriends. If your girlfriend is not into cooking, start with something simple, such as making breakfast together.

  • 9. She used to feel insecure, but she learned to love herself.

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    “He loved everything about me, including my weaknesses, so I also learned to love myself.” Some women learned to love themselves when their boyfriends accepted everything about them, including their shortcomings. If your girlfriend looks a bit down, give her a hug and tell her how much she means to you.

Last updated: October 14, 2017