6 Uncomfortable Things Guys Say to Your Japanese Girlfriend That Suggest How Much Their Ex-Girlfriends Meant to Them

If you recently found a new Japanese girlfriend, you might feel that you never run out of things to say. This is normal at the beginning of the relationship because you want to know everything about each other. But suddenly, in the middle of a seemingly fun conversation, you note a serious expression on your girlfriend’s face, and you wonder if you said something wrong. This time, we list 6 uncomfortable things guys often say unintentionally that suggest how much their ex-girlfriends meant to them.

  • 1. Talking about visiting a place that is obviously meant for couples.

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    You might casually mention visiting a well-known romantic restaurant, and your girlfriend suddenly falls silent and asks, “I thought that’s where people usually go on dates. Who did you go with?” This would make any guy panic. It’s up to you to tell the truth and confess that you took your ex-girlfriend there or to insist that you went there with your family. The key is to redirect the conversation by saying, “I think we should go there next time.”

  • 2. Making a general statement about women, when you’re actually using your ex as an example.

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    Guys might comment on how women cook, how they do their nails, or what’s inside their purses. But women know that when guys say “women,” they’re usually talking about their ex-girlfriends. Think carefully before making this kind of a comment, and ask yourself if you’re actually referring to your ex.

  • 3. Talking about an acquaintance, when you’re clearly talking about your ex.

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    Guys sometimes pretend to talk about an acquaintance, when they are actually talking about their ex-girlfriends. You might say something like, “Supposedly, it’s not easy having parents who are teachers,” but if your girlfriend knows anything about your ex, she’ll realize that your ex is the only person who fits the description. It’s important to know that women might not be interested in hearing your story once they know you are talking about your ex, even if you have no ulterior motive.

  • 4. Talking about what your ex used to do, such as, “My ex used to always walk on my right side.”

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    Women usually don’t welcome these kinds of comments, even if it’s just a slip of the tongue. There’s no benefit in talking to your girlfriend about your previous relationship—it will only put her in a bad mood. She might even come back at you with something like, “So what?” Be mindful not to mention your ex in conversations, especially if you tend to speak before you think.

  • 5. Comparing your girlfriend to your ex by saying something like, “My ex was a better cook.”

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    It’s inconsiderate to compare your girlfriend to your ex. Saying that your current girlfriend is better than your ex might be perceived more positively, but most women prefer not to be compared to their boyfriends’ exes at all. Instead of making a comparison, tell your girlfriend how special she is. This will not only make her happy, but will also make you look good.

  • 6. Calling your ex’s name when you meant to say your girlfriend’s.

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    This is taking it a little too far. You might justify it right away by saying something like, “Sorry, I blanked out,” but no excuse is enough to make up for this kind of a slipup. If this happens, just give your girlfriend a sincere apology. She will eventually calm down as long as she sees that you really didn’t mean to do it.

Last updated: October 12, 2017