9 Moment Guys Realized They Were Still Not over Their Ex-Girlfriend

You might say, “what’s past is past,” but everyone has moments when they think about their exes. So, when do guys realize they are still not over their old flame? This time, we asked guys for their opinions to introduce “moments guys realized they were still not over their ex-girlfriend.”

  • 1. When he read about a cool place to visit in a magazine and imagined going there with his ex-girlfriend

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    “When I was thinking about going on a getaway, I planned a route to visit hot springs, which my ex-girlfriend would have loved.” Guys realize their ex-girlfriends are still on their mind when they fantasize going on a date with them. You might have mixed feelings about your inability to move on when she keeps popping into your mind.

  • 2. When he couldn’t help but react to his ex-girlfriend’s favorite songs

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    “We used to talk about how ‘we’ll play this song at our wedding.’” Familiar music can act as a trigger to remind guys of their memories with their ex-girlfriends. If you still have feelings for your ex and have a hard time coping with it, do your best to face them. You might be able to put it behind you by having a karaoke night where you sing your heart out to all the songs that remind you of your girlfriend.

  • 3. When he was chatting with a friend and realized that he was talking about his ex-girlfriend

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    “I was quite surprised that I felt happy talking about my ex, like she was this and that.” Guys realize they are not over their ex-girlfriends the moment they start to talk about her positively. It’s quite possible that how much you talk about your ex is a reflection of how much you still feel for her.

  • 4. When he was weirded out by the differences between his current girlfriend and his ex

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    “My ex used to always throw surprise parties for my birthday.” When guys compare their current girlfriends to their ex-girlfriends, they sometimes realize how much their exes meant to them. You might also become aware of how much influence your ex had on you when you realize that she was the one who set your standard for “what’s expected” in a relationship.

  • 5. When he saw the kind of car his ex-girlfriend used to drive, and couldn’t keep from checking who was inside

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    “I even checked the car’s back seat.” Guys become aware of their inability to move on when they keep searching for their ex-girlfriends. One reader told us, “I felt ashamed when I realized I was looking for her.” Beware: you might feel even more miserable about the break-up once you become aware of your actions.

  • 6. When he couldn’t throw away the gifts his ex-girlfriend gave him

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    “I feel guilty when I try to throw them away.” Gifts from ex-girlfriends can trigger guys to become aware of how they feel. If you absolutely cannot throw them away, put them in your closet where you won’t see them.

  • 7. When he couldn’t stop himself from stalking her on social networking sites

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    “I was curious about her new life.” Guys realize how attached they still are to their ex-girlfriends when they can’t stop themselves from checking up on what she’s been up to. If you know that you shouldn’t, you might want to consider staying away from social networking sites until you know you’ve moved on.

  • 8. When he felt nostalgic as he passed by a place where he shared memories with his ex-girlfriend

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    “I remember we got into a huge fight in this park and made up later on.” Guys think about their ex-girlfriends when they visit places where they used to go on dates. You might think “it’s been enough time.” But you might be caught off guard when you are there, as your emotions well up and you come to the realization that you still have feelings for your ex.

  • 9. When he dreamed about his ex-girlfriend and needed a moment to take it all in

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    “In the dream, we were holding hands and we were so in love.” Guys start to miss their ex-girlfriends when they dream about them. You might be able to move on and find a new love, but not until you can stop yourself from wanting to bask in the afterglow of those dreams, thinking, “I want to know what happens next.”

Published: August 12, 2017