8 Times Your Japanese Girlfriends Finds You Annoying

You’re head over heels in love with her. You love her so much it makes you do things that are just a bit over the line. Your girlfriend may let it slide once or twice, but after a while, she’ll start thinking you’re overbearing or even annoying. She’ll start avoiding you, and before you know it, she’ll want to break up with you. To help put a halt to this vicious cycle, today we’ll introduce some annoying behaviors you should watch out for.

  • 1. You demand an up-to-the-minute report when she’s out.

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    “Are you still with your friends?” “Are you almost done?” She’s out with her friends, and you constantly call to check on her. While a handful of women might not mind having such a concerned boyfriend, most women will find such behavior too constricting. When she is out with her friends, let her enjoy that time. Try to call her only if it’s absolutely necessary.

  • 2. You cling to her and flirt with her too much in public.

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    Even though she likes that you aren’t shy about expressing your affection, when you are in public, you may want to tone it down a bit. If her friends are around, too much flirting will make them feel awkward.

  • 3. You talk about the future too often, and your plans aren’t realistic.

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    “We want three kids…” “Let’s do this together…” It’s important to plan your future, but if you don’t have anything to build a future on, she won’t take your seriously. If you want to plan a future, show her the small steps you can take now to build a solid foundation.

  • 4. You frequently ask her for reassurance.

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    “Do you love me? Do you really love me?” She won’t understand what’s making you so insecure. She may find it charming for the first month or two, but after a while, she’ll get fed up listening to you. You should use this sparingly, if at all, and only at the right moment so it’ll be a meaningful question.

  • 5. You are too sensitive.

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    When she can’t respond to your emails right away or if she has to cancel a date, you jump the gun and accuse her of no longer loving you. When she is busy with her work and a busy life, it’s unfair for you to put added pressure on her. Be a man and know when it’s time to step aside to let her do what she needs to go.

  • 6. You accuse her of checking out a guy.

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    “You were checking him out, weren’t you!?” You always get paranoid that if she looks at something other than you, she’s checking out other guys. If you do this, she’ll get flabbergasted at your accusations and fed up with having to defend herself. If you’re that curious about where her gaze is directed, be straightforward and ask her, “What happened?” That way, you don’t sound accusatory and she won’t be offended.

  • 7. When her cell phone rings, you immediately suspect that other guys are calling her. 

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    Every time her cellphone goes off, you ask “Who is it? Is it some guy?” She’ll think that you’re jealous and that it’s too hard to be around you. Understand that she also has a circle of friends outside your relationship, so don’t jump every time her cellphone rings. Relax.

Last updated: October 16, 2017