8 Things That Help You Get over Your Crush

There will come a time when you know you need to let go of a one-sided crush. Exactly when that time comes varies depending on the person. It is also something you decide on your own, and sometimes you might be influenced by other people’s opinions. This time, we’ll introduce eight things that girls looking for the right time to finally end their unrequited love can focus on.

  • 1. When you find out he has a wife or girlfriend

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    This is the case when the guy you are crushing on is already in a relationship or, worse, already married. It’s best to stay away from these guys. Furthermore, if these guys seem to be interested in you, they should not be trusted. This makes it easier to stop crushing on them too.

  • 2. When he comes to you for advice on relationships

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    Say a guy walks over to discuss his crush with you—but it’s his crush on another girl! This is every girl’s nightmare. Many girls decide to give up when they realize the guy they like is head over heels for someone else. It’s best to keep the guy at a distance when you figure this out to keep yourself from getting hurt.

  • 3. When he stops replying to your messages

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    Some girls stop crushing on someone when they get delayed responses or no response at all to their messages. The speed with which a guy responds to your messages can also be a tool to measure his interest in you. There is no future for your relationship if he does not even bother answering your messages.

  • 4. When he starts ignoring you

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    It’s safe to assume that a guy is not interested in you if he is cold towards you or ignores you when you call him. Don’t start making up excuses for his behavior because in general, being ignored is not a good sign.

  • 5. When he avoids your glances

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    You might find yourself keeping your distance from your crush if he starts avoiding your glances. You might be working or studying in the same place as your crush, and there might be lots opportunities for you to see each other. Avoiding your glances definitely means he isn’t that into you.

  • 6. When he turns you down for a date

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    You gather up your courage to finally ask him out on a date, but he turns you down. If you have the courage, you might try being more persistent and keep asking him out until he says yes…or you could take it as a sign to move on. Your choice.

  • 7. When you confess and he does not reciprocate your feelings

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    Confessing your feelings takes a lot of courage, and it is heartbreaking when your feelings are not reciprocated. But at least you know it was not meant to be, and you will have no regrets. You’ll also come out of the whole situation a stronger person!

  • 8. When you have a stronger crush on someone else

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    Sometimes you’re still crushing on someone…it’s just someone else. When you find yourself getting over someone, you might just need to find a stronger crush to get over your former crush. This might be a start of an unhealthy habit, but at least you’re not being stagnant.

Published: July 30, 2017