9 Times Japanese Girls Think about Guys They Recently Broke up with When They Are at Home

People say women move on quickly from their past relationships, but memories of their previous relationships still cross their minds if the breakups happened recently. What are some common triggers that make Japanese girls think about their most recent exes? This time, we introduce situations that resonated with many of the women we surveyed.

  • 1. When she listens to his favorite song

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    “I started to wonder if he still follows the same artist.” We often associate music with past events, and music can bring back certain memories. Music not only reminds women of events that took place in the past, like going to a concert with their then-boyfriends, but also makes them curious about how their exes are doing.

  • 2. When she sees something they bought together

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    “I remember he helped me choose this when we went out on a drive.” Aside from gifts women received from their ex-boyfriends, many other items can act as triggers to remind them of the past. Even ordinary items, like cups and watches, can remind women of their exes.

  • 3. When she finds a photo booth picture she took with him

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    Unlike regular pictures, photo booth pictures can be found in unexpected places. Finding these pictures in a planner or in drawers can make women nostalgic for the past. For many women, seeing a picture that shows how happy they used to be with their exes makes them feel sentimental.

  • 4. When her mind is blank before falling asleep

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    “I think of him every night as I am about to go to bed.” Women tend to think about their ex-boyfriends when they have nothing else on their minds, such as before they go to sleep. They might even struggle to fall asleep as they lay in a dark room, thinking about the days they spent with their exes.

  • 5. When she wakes up in the morning

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    “I just stay in bed and zone out while thinking about my ex.” Waking up alone in the morning can also be a painful reminder of the relationship. Women still clearly remember what it felt like to have their exes around following a recent breakup. Becoming aware of their exes’ absence can result in a great sense of loss.

  • 6. When she accidentally cooks for two

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    “I was at the supermarket and I put his favorite drinks and fruits in the shopping cart without even thinking.” Habits women developed when they were with their ex-boyfriends can act as reminders of the lives they once shared. Cooking for two is one example of a habit that is hard to break.

  • 7. When the bed feels too big

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    “We had to squeeze because we slept in a single bed together, but we were so happy.” Beds are places where couples share special memories. Because of that, women really feel the absence of their recent ex-boyfriends when they lie on their beds and realize how much space they have. Some women even leave space for their exes in their beds even though they’re alone.

  • 8. When she’s watching TV alone

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    “I think about things like, ‘What would he say if he was here with me now?’” Many women think about their ex-boyfriends when they are alone watching shows that they used to watch together. Women seem to realize that their relationships are really over when they no longer hear their exes’ laugher and comments while watching TV.

  • 9. When she misses his daily texts

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    “I keep thinking about how I will never get these messages from him again.” Women who used to get daily text messages from their ex-boyfriends at certain times during the day, such as messages to say good morning or good night, will think of their exes when they don’t receive those texts anymore. This can create a big hole in women’s hearts because they no longer get what they used to take for granted.

Last updated: October 12, 2017