7 Reasons Guys Take Their New Girlfriends to Places They Used to Go with Their Ex

While on a date, has your boyfriend ever acted in a way that make you think, “This must not be the first time he’s been to this place”? This might make you curious about his past. More specifically, you might start wondering why he took you there. This time, we introduce “7 reasons guys take their new girlfriends to places they used to go with their ex.”

  • 1. He simply likes the place and enjoys himself when he is there

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    Your boyfriend’s intent might be unrelated to his ex-girlfriend, something as simple as “I just want to see the ocean,” or “I love going to hot springs.” You should be able to find out what’s really on his mind when you ask why he’s taking you there. If this is his reason, he will be excited to see you enjoy your time with him there, too.

  • 2. This is where he usually goes on dates

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    Guys care about whether if they are “able to take charge” when they are planning where to go on a date. This is why some guys pick places they’ve been many times before, rather than choosing to go somewhere unfamiliar. This could explain why your boyfriend says something like, “I wanted to show you this view,” a tip-off that he’s been to the spot before.

  • 3. He wants to forget about his ex-girlfriend by overwriting his memory

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    Generally speaking, men are thought to dwell more on breakups than women. Some guys purposely take their new girlfriends to places they used to go with their ex-girlfriends, because they haven’t been able to get over their ex. If you catch your boyfriend gazing into the distance and if he appears lost in thought, this could be the reason. If you think your boyfriend might be feeling this way, give him a gentle hug and give him some new, happier experiences to replace his memories with his ex.

  • 4. He hopes that he’ll run into his ex-girlfriend

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    Some guys pick the places they used to go with their ex-girlfriends to be able to show off their new girlfriends, if luck is on their side. If your boyfriend is looking around, he could be searching for his ex. Think about how interesting it would be to get to know your beloved boyfriend’s past. If you run into his ex, be confident, don’t panic, and think of it as a fact-finding mission.

  • 5. He wants you to feel jealous

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    This is a case where guys try to make their new girlfriends feel a little sad inside by making them wonder, “Has he come here before?” If your boyfriend starts to talk about his ex without you asking, he might be trying to make you jealous on purpose. Depending on the situation, you could get upset and tell him something like, “I don’t want to know!” or simply say coolly, “Let’s talk about something else.”

  • 6. He wants to introduce his new girlfriend to people who are close to him

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    Sometimes guys have to visit places they used to go, in order to introduce their new girlfriends to people who are close to them, like restaurant staff and local friends. You should feel genuinely happy if this happens. There is no point in worrying about your boyfriend’s ex when you are being introduced to people who know about his past.

  • 7. He secretly wants to compare his new girlfriend to his ex-girlfriend

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    It’s a little cynical, but some guys take a new girlfriend to the same places in order to compare her to their ex. If your boyfriend jokingly mentions, “My ex was really good at karaoke,” he might be trying to provoke you. Whether it’s going to karaoke or scuba diving, you wouldn’t want to lose against his ex in an unspoken contest for “the partner with whom he has the most fun.” So, always give it your best when you are on a date.

Published: August 01, 2017