The 9 Dates Your Japanese Girlfriend Doesn’t Want to Have

You started to go out with your Japanese girlfrined and everything is rosy at first. After a while, however, you begin to notice that she’s no longer that into you. It could be that she doesn’t like the date spot or the activity you picked, or it could be something else. We conducted a survey of women and today share their worst dating experiences.

  • 1. A date with no conversation whatsoever.

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    It’s a very quiet date. “He didn’t have anything to say and I didn’t know what to do. I tried to start a conversation, but he didn’t try to engage. It’s the most stressful date I’ve ever had.” It’s true that a seasoned relationship doesn’t require a lot of talking, but that’s an ideal picture when you’ve been together a long time. Until then, you need to learn about each other, so keep the conversation rolling.

  • 2. A date in town that’s more like a hike.

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    If you invite her to a date in town, she’ll dress to impress. She may be wearing a pair of heels, so having her walk all over town is going to be brutal on her feet. “I wanted to dress cute for him and wore heels. I wish he understood that they weren’t particularly made for walking.” She took great care in preparing for the date, so be more considerate of what she’s wearing before challenging her to a long stroll around the city.

  • 3. A date with no particular plan.

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    “He came totally unprepared and asked me if there’s somewhere I wanted to go.” You neglected to plan your date and ended up wasting your time with her. If you’re the type who likes to go along with what she wants, at least have some suggestions in mind so that you won’t appear indecisive. Don’t be lazy and dump all the decision-making on her. Women appreciate men who can take the initiative and show them a good time.

  • 4. A date that consists of all his favorites.

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    Your favorite store, your favorite restaurant, your favorite movie. Just because you enjoy them, doesn’t mean she will too. “While he shops for what he wants, I feel abandoned in the store. I don’t mind it once or twice, but I get fed up waiting for him.” Don’t make her go to places with you she has no interest in. Instead, think about what she likes and enjoys doing. When she is happy, you’ll have a good time too.

  • 5. A date where he introduces you to too many friends.

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    You’re so giddy about having a new girlfriend that you want the world to know. You drag her on a double date, to your company event, and, worse yet, to a family reunion. Despite your good intentions, she may feel a bit isolated around your friends and family. If you decide to take her to these events, at least show her the courtesy of making sure she’s not left alone in the crowd.

  • 6. He constantly sighs, “I’m so tired.”

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    Perhaps you had to work late last night or you’re not feeling great. Sometimes you plan a date when you’re not feeling your best. “He yawned all day long.” “He kept saying he was tired. After a while, I was tired of listening to him and suggested that he go home to sleep.” When you’re not in the mood to enjoy the date, and can’t hide your sluggish mood, she won’t be able to enjoy the date either. Manage your health, and if you can’t bring your best to the table, consider rescheduling the date.

  • 7. A date with no hint of romance.

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    Picking a date location from your perspective only may not sit well with her. “We always go to a bar or all-you-can-eat restaurant. It’s not romantic at all, and I end up reeking of beer and grease after the date. He should save these places for his guy friends.” “He wanted to go to a dog race. Give me a break. If he wants to go, he should go alone!” Take the time to learn more about what she enjoys and plan a date with her perspective in mind.

  • 8. A date where you stay at home.

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    Sure, it costs money to go out, and you have to fight the traffic everywhere you go, but she doesn’t want to stay home and watch TV every time you get together. “I hate spending my time aimlessly at home. Especially when he falls asleep. I feel like I wasted a perfectly good day.” “Even when we’re together at home, he’s playing video games and couldn’t care less about me. Yet, he gets mad if I go to bed.” If you want to have a great time with her, take her someplace new that doesn’t cost a lot of money. It’ll be refreshing for both of you.

  • 9. A date with no time to rest.

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    This is a case where you over-planned your date. You want to do everything and go everywhere with her, but the day ends with no time for a chat over a cup of coffee. “The itinerary was too perfect and we didn’t have a single minute to waste. I know he put a lot of thought into it, but it only made me feel exhausted.” You plan the perfect day on a piece of paper, but in reality, it may be too much to digest. Adjust your itinerary to include time to just enjoy the day.

Last updated: October 16, 2017