8 Stories about Your Ex-Boyfriend That Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Want to Hear

At some point in a relationship, talking about their past experiences with love is necessary, in order for two people to gain a deeper understanding of each other. However, you could end up hurting your current boyfriend if you talk carelessly about your ex. This time, based on the result of our survey of guys, we introduce “8 stories about your ex that your boyfriend doesn’t want to hear.”

  • 1. Your ex-boyfriend’s status and salary, especially if they’re better than your boyfriend’s

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    “I feel defeated.” Guys feel they’re being unfavorably compared when you mention your ex’s status and salary. If your ex has a higher social status than your boyfriend, there’s no need to mention it unless you mean to put your boyfriend down.

  • 2. Things you liked about your ex-boyfriend, like, “He was kind”

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    “I start to wonder, are you still not over him?” Some guys feel down when you mention good things about your ex-boyfriend. You don’t need to speak ill of your ex, but you also don’t have to compliment him deliberately.

  • 3. Your memories, like your first kiss

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    “I don’t want her to tell me about her past physical relationships because I start to imagine things.” Some guys don’t want to know the details of their girlfriends’ experiences. Watch out, because you might make your boyfriend sad if you lose yourself in memories and mention something like, “I was nervous my first time.”

  • 4. Reasons you broke up with your ex-boyfriend

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    “If it’s something serious, I wouldn’t know how to react…” You need to be careful when you explain why you broke up with your ex. If you really want to tell your boyfriend, you should wait until you’ve dated for a while and have established a trustful relationship.

  • 5. Places where you used to hang out with your ex-boyfriend

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    “From now on, I’ll avoid it at all costs.” You should also avoid talking about places you and your ex used to go on dates. If your boyfriend suggests the same date ideas as your ex did, you should either say nothing or gently suggest a different place.

  • 6. Comparing your boyfriend with your ex-boyfriend, like, “My ex used to do that for me!”

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    “That’s sneaky of her, to talk about her ex to get her own way.” Some guys will get upset when you start to talk about things your ex did for you. If you are going to make a comparison, you should only do it when you are happy about your boyfriend’s behavior, like, “This is the first time anyone did this for me!”

  • 7. Your ex-boyfriend’s appearance, like “My ex was tall”

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    “I can train my body, but I can’t do anything about my height.” Watch out when you mention something about your boyfriend’s physique. It would be best to avoid even casual comments like, “You don’t have much chest,” because your boyfriend might think he’s being compared to your ex.

  • 8. When you see your ex-boyfriend, like “I bumped into my ex at work yesterday”

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    “It’s the worst when she reports to me after she saw her ex.” Guys basically don’t want you to interact with your ex. Let your boyfriend know if you have no choice but to see your ex for work, or some other good reason beyond your control. You need to be considerate, to reassure your boyfriend.

Published: August 02, 2017