5 Signals Shy Guys Subtly Send That Say “I Like You

Women dream of dramatic scenes in which men confess their love. Unfortunately, if your guy is shy and passive, you may need to settle for something more subtle. Today, we asked male participants to share some of the signals they stealthily send to communicate their feelings to the women they love.

  • 1. He doesn’t have anything particular to say, but he stops by frequently to talk to you.

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    “I can’t think of any other way to get closer to her. I’m in cloud nine when she responds to me,” says a young man in his late teens, describing his state of mind. Surprisingly, we discovered a large number of shy or inexperienced young men during our survey, and these men are somewhat passive in their approach. If he pops up to talk to you throughout the day, you can bet that he’s probably very fond of you.

  • 2. He stares straight into your eyes when he talks to you.

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    “By looking straight into her eyes, I’m hoping that she will notice my feeling towards her,” a shy 30-something tells us. Regardless of how effective it is, he is at least trying to reach out to you. You may find him awkward at first, but give him credit where credit is due knowing it’s his desperate way of showing his affection to you.

  • 3. He always agrees and supports your ideas.

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    “No one feels bad about having a supporter,” explains a man in his 20s. He is appealing to you that he shares the same ideas and views as you do and hopes to get the opportunity to get to know you better. If you find him always being supportive of your opinions, it may be his way of signaling his feelings to you.

  • 4. He is quick to notice and compliment your looks.

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    “I watch her closely, so I notice even the slightest change in her looks, and women generally like being noticed,” an observant 30-year-old reveals. In addition to complimenting you on how you look, he’s sending the message that he is fond of you. When you receive a compliment, try to overplay your gratitude. He’ll like that and will be encouraged further.

  • 5. He carries heavy things for you and helps you out.

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    “I’m trying to let her know that I like her as a woman by treating her—and only her—differently from how I treat other women,” said a hopeful young man in his early 20s. Many men opted to take this approach to show the opposite sex their masculine side and caring nature. If he emphasizes his masculinity and tries to help you, it’s safe to assume he likes you.

Published: October 04, 2018