9 Behaviors that Give Japanese Women Positive First Impressions

First impressions are pretty important when it comes to romance. It’s hard for people to shake off something once they’ve seen it, so you need to make a good impression right from the start. What makes a woman see a man in a positive light?

  • 1. He’s polite to restaurant staff

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    “If a guy has an arrogant attitude, he might not be considerate when we’re together.” The way in which you interact with waiters and other strangers can leave a lasting impression.

  • 2. He listens to others and doesn’t just talk about himself

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    “People who only talk about themselves are often selfish, which is a turnoff.” It’s important to listen to what your partner has to say, especially when you first meet.

  • 3. He always smiles and makes eye contact while listening

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    “I think I can usually determine a man’s personality by looking at his eyes.” Many women get their first impression of a guy by looking at his eyes.

  • 4. He touches his date in appropriate ways, such as tapping her arm or shoulder to get her attention

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    “It’s cute when he just touches my shoulder a little.” Many women appreciate these natural types of touches.

  • 5. He has nice teeth

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    “Healthy, white, straight teeth give a good impression.” Many women check a man’s teeth when he smiles.

  • 6. He dresses well, styles his hair nicely, and thinks about his appearance

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    “I think the outside shows what’s on the inside.” Many women judge a man by how he presents himself.

  • 7. He speaks nicely and politely

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    “You can tell a lot about a guy’s personality and intelligence by the way he speaks and plays with words.” Many women think the way a man speaks is important.

  • 8. He asks permission before answering his phone

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    “If he asks me before answering his phone, I think he’s a considerate person.” Many women judge a man’s personality based on whether he’s considerate.

  • 9. He has good table manners

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    “No matter how nice he seems, if a guy makes noises while chewing or spills his food everywhere, that immediately gives me a bad impression of him.” Some women’s first impressions are based on table manners.

Last updated: December 29, 2017