“I’m not sure if she’s interested…” 5 Characteristics That Deter Men from Asking You Out

Have you ever been asked why men are not lining up to take you out despite your gorgeous looks and charming persona? If so, there’s a good chance that you may be too intimidating and are scaring them away without realizing it. We surveyed several young, single men and asked them if they ever hesitated to ask an attractive woman out because of what she did or didn’t do. Here’s what they said.

  • 1. You avoid meeting eye to eye with men.

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    “When she’s obviously avoiding looking at me, I feel deflated thinking that she has no interest whatsoever in me,” says a young man in his late teens. This shows how important eye contact is. You don’t need to stare at everyone (or you will be misconstrued), but at least try to send a signal with your eyes to that special someone.

  • 2. You are short with your response.

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    “I can’t get more than two words out of her. If I didn’t know her better, I’d think she hates me,” shares a man in his early 20s. If he can’t talk to you, he can’t ask you out. It’s that simple. Even though you’re not good at exchanging pleasantries, try to answer his questions thoughtfully. Then, you may want to ask him similar questions to get to know him better. Don’t leave him hanging.

  • 3. You have very little to add to the conversation when it comes to love and relationships.

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    “All of a sudden, she gets very quiet when I talk about relationships. Is that a taboo topic? How can I ask her out then?” a confused man in his early 30s tells us. Particularly, if you’re inexperienced, you may find yourself clamming up on the topic of love. This may easily cause misunderstanding and signal to him that you’re not interested. If you feel bashful talking about the topic, be honest and tell him so. He’ll understand.

  • 4. You often talk about how fulfilled your life is in your current state.

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    “When she shares how much she enjoyed her weekend alone or the wonderful solo trip she took, I feel that I shouldn’t bother her with a dinner invitation,” explains a discouraged young man. If your life is as perfect as it sounds, it leaves no room for him to try to be a part of your life. By adding comments such as, “It would be so much more fun if I had someone by my side next time,” you’ll start to see more invitations.

  • 5. You hardly ever smile.

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    “She’s drop-dead gorgeous, but I’ve never seen her smile, not even once. I’m afraid to ask her out,” a frightened young man in his 20s describes. A woman who does not smile will most certainly discourage men from asking them out. You may not think your smile is that great, or maybe you just want to maintain your cool looks. Either way, try softening your impression by dropping jokes here and there.

Published: October 30, 2018