9 character traits of women that can put potential boyfriends off

There are women who get whispered about by friends as being “pretty and nice—but she just can’t get a boyfriend...” You don’t want to be that person! We surveyed male readers in their twenties and have now compiled the results. Here, we introduce to you the “9 character traits of women that can put potential boyfriends off.”

  • 1. The “funny” girl who works too hard to get a laugh

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    “I like having fun, but when a woman tries too hard to be the life and soul of the party, you never know when to take her seriously.” Funny women make good friends, but isn’t there more to a relationship than laughing a lot?

  • 2. The “computer” girl who’s obsessed with anime and internet culture

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    “A girl who’s too deep into her hobbies seems kind of hard to date.” Men tend to avoid girls who find virtual reality more fascinating than real life and therefore sometimes struggle to detach themselves from a screen. It would be nice if she looked at you with the same attention!

  • 3. The superficial “girlfriend” girl

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    “Girls who just want to go shopping and hang out with other girls are kind of scary, and I don’t think we would have anything in common.” Men are hesitant to approach girls with no depth of personality and no apparent interests beyond the latest trends.

  • 4. The “sports-mad” girl who’s muscular in both body and mind

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    “I’m not sure I can deal with the macho, sports-minded type...” Strong, sporty girls are too much of a challenge for some (nerdy) men, who prefer some feminine softness in a potential girlfriend.

  • 5. The “sad sack” type, whose self-deprecating humor is cringe-inducing

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    “Self-deprecating humor can be funny, but I don’t want to be with a girl who always seems down.” Spending all your time making someone feel better about herself can be a pointless waste of energy.

  • 6. The “man-eater” type, who is a bit too forward about dating

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    “When she comes at me too aggressively, it makes me want to take a step back.” When so many men have a passive, “herbivore” personality profile, it’s unlikely “carnivorous” women are going to find themselves in a relationship any time soon.

  • 7. The “little devil” type who likes to play with the hearts of men

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    “I feel like she’s going to manipulate me, and that’s scary.” Women who take full advantage of their feminine powers to toy with men aren’t doing themselves any favors. Many men are afraid of being deceived.

  • 8. The “big sister” type, who is too reliable to be interesting

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    “It’s like she’s totally playing the big sister. I can’t fall for a woman who’s too reliable.” When a man knows a woman is going to be there, no matter what, it’s easy to take her for granted. That can make him less interested in developing romantic feelings.

  • 9. The “airhead” type, whose true intentions are hard to read

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    “You can never tell what those ‘weird girls’ are thinking, and that makes them hard to handle.” Men can lose confidence in the presence of this type, and worry they’re going to be twisted around a woman’s finger against their will.

Last updated: February 24, 2018