9 Moments that Make Boyfriends Think “She Doesn’t Really Like Me, Does She?” and Get Depressed

Even guys that seem like they don’t let anything get to them can be sensitive to the words and actions of their girlfriends and can sometimes develop feelings of insecurity. So what sort of things make boyfriends feel insecure? This time, we’ll be introducing 9 moments that make boyfriends think, “She doesn’t really like me, does she?” and get depressed.

  • 1. Even when I call or text, she hardly ever responds to me.

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    “I feel like she doesn’t care about me,” said one guy. When girls don’t respond to phone calls or texts, it can make their boyfriends feel upset and anxious.

  • 2. She often calls or texts other people when we’re on a date.

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    “It makes me feel that spending time together isn’t much fun for her,” said one guy. When girls are constantly messing with their phones when they’re with their boyfriends, the date itself starts to seem pointless.

  • 3. When she seems to be having more fun with someone else than she does when we’re together.

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    “When I see her having a good time with someone else, it makes me sad,” said one guy. This shows that a lot of guys start to question where they fit in when they see their girlfriends enjoying themselves with someone else.

  • 4. When she prioritizes going out with her female friends on a day off.

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    “When she starts spending more and more of her free time with friends, I think, ‘Her feelings for me aren’t what they used to be,’” said one guy. It seems there are a lot of guys that gauge the strength of their girlfriend’s feelings for them by the amount of time they spend together.

  • 5. When she compares me to her friends in some way.

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    “Rather than constructive criticism, it just feels like she’s being mean,” said one guy. It seems like lots of guys dislike being compared with their girlfriend’s friends.

  • 6. When she compliments a friend or acquaintance and says he’s “handsome.”

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    “I don’t know how to react to something like that,” said one guy. When girls make positive comments about their boyfriend’s friends, that bothers a lot of guys.

  • 7. When I found out she was going to lots of mixers and drinking parties.

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    “Even if I know she’s only socializing, if I find out she participated without telling me, it complicates things,” said one guy. Lots of guys are shocked if they find out their girlfriends have been out meeting people without mentioning it to them.

  • 8. When I found out she’d met up with another guy—just the two of them.

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    “Even if we didn’t have plans on that day, it makes me think she chose some other guy over me,” said one guy. When their girlfriends meet up with other guys one on one, boyfriends can start to get unpleasant, jealous feelings.

  • 9. When I found out she still seems to have some sort of attachment to her ex-boyfriend.

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    “It makes me feel defeated. I think, ‘Am I just second-best after him?’” said one guy. This shows that if guys find out their girlfriends still have feelings for their exes, it’s very likely that the guys will lose trust in their partners.

Published: March 06, 2018