5 Moments When Men are Awestruck by Your Smile

Your smile generally sends good vibes to those around you, and depending on how and when you smile, it can be quite effective in capturing his attention. Is there a special trick to it? What situation proves the most effective? Today, we gathered several examples of when a man’s heart skips a beat at a woman’s smile.

  • 1. You smile when your eyes meet.

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    “When she smiles at me, I start to wonder if she likes me,” a curious young man in his late teens tells us. Your eyes are the window to your soul, or so they say. If your eyes happen to meet his, follow it with a smile. Even when it doesn’t mean anything more than an innocent greeting, it’ll make his day a little bit brighter. Don’t be shy with your smile. Try making it a habit to smile whenever your eyes meet.

  • 2. You wave at him with a smile.

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    “There’s nothing more heavenly than a woman waving at me with a cute smile,” describes a man in his early 20s. It sends such a welcoming message to a man when a woman waves while providing a charming smile. He feels as though he’s wanted and needed. The next time you see that special someone walking towards you, go ahead and give him a quick wave and a smile.

  • 3. You give him a compassionate smile when you listen to him vent.

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    “She nods and smiles when I complain about work. I can’t do without her,” explains a man in his 20s. When he’s feeling down or bothered by something, your tender smile has a soothing effect and works miracles. If you notice that you become too serious-looking when you listen to him, try to soften your expression—he’ll find it easier to share what he has to say.

  • 4. You smile when you say good-bye to him.

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    If the last smile of the day is unforgettable, he’ll be left with a good impression of you, and he’ll want to ask you out again. As Shakespeare once wrote, “All is well that ends well.” It’s important to leave him with a lasting impression of you by sending him off with one last, sweet smile.

  • 5. You smile at the sight of animals and small kids.

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    Many men are moved when women display motherly instincts in the form of a smile. If you’re particularly fond of children and animals, plan a date at a zoo or a park where your maternal instincts can flourish.

Published: October 31, 2018