9 Ways to Check Whether He Is Still in Love with You

Unlike women, men are not wired to express their feelings in words. Still, without the occasional confirmation, you may feel insecure about your relationship. Today, based on the survey responses we received from women, we put together a list of things they did to confirm the vital signs of their relationships. Try these on your boyfriend and see what kind of reactions you get from him.

  • 1. Be straightforward and ask, “Do you love me?”

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    “I just needed to hear a ‘Yep’ from him. It is much easier for him to answer a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question.” If he is a man of few words, make your question multiple choice. He shouldn’t mind answering a couple of them. Even so, don’t repeat them too many times or he will become reluctant to answer any more questions.

  • 2. Don’t email, don’t call, don’t see him until he contacts you.

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    “I didn’t contact him for a week, and he called me in a panic.” If you truly want to know how he feels about you, cease all contact with him for a while. If he doesn’t reach out to you after a month, you may want to give up on the relationship.

  • 3. Talk about your male friends and see if he gets jealous.

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    “He became clearly upset over my male friends. I knew then that he still loved me.” Seeing whether he gets jealous over your male friends is another way to measure his affection towards you. However, if he is the extremely jealous type, this may develop into a huge argument, so tread cautiously.

  • 4. When you reach out to touch his hand, see if he responds by holding your hand.

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    “He is so shy, he will never tell me how he feels. I can usually tell by his body language.” Some women just know by his reaction or body language. Physical contact is the best way to foster intimacy with him. Take every chance to touch him and connect with him.

  • 5. Be the first one to tell him “I love you so much!”

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    “I kept telling him I loved him and pretty soon he started to tell me too.” It’s give and take even in a loving relationship. Especially if he is hesitant to express his feelings, showing him yourself will make it easier for him to follow suit. Always remember that if you want him to do something, try doing it yourself first.

  • 6. Be a little selfish and watch his reaction.

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    “If he loves me, he will try to make things happen for me.” Give him a challenge and see if he tries hard to make it happen. Stick with achievable challenges though. Otherwise, he will think you are egotistic and self-centered and get fed up with you.

  • 7. Be honest and tell him that you feel insecure.

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    “I was perfectly honest with him and told him that I felt insecure because he didn’t tell me he loved me. He said, ‘Of course I love you.’” If you face the problem head on, most men will respond with a straight answer. Regardless of what the issue is, building an honest relationship is the best policy. You will have less stress, and the relationship will last longer.

  • 8. Jokingly tell him, “If I tell you I want to break up, what will you do?”

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    “My usually tough-looking boyfriend was almost in tears. I felt bad about that, but at the same time, it made me happy that he loved me.” A hint of break up can be devastating for him too. If he shows no reaction, it may be time for you to move on.

  • 9. Ask for a love letter on your birthday or anniversary.

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    “What kind of a boyfriend rejects a simple request from his girlfriend on her birthday?!” This is an extremely tactful way to measure his love. Ask him to write how he feels about you. If his birthday comes before yours, show an example by attaching a love letter to his birthday present.

Last updated: February 24, 2018