9 Things Japanese Girls Can’t Help Doing When They’re Interested

When people are around someone they like, they tend to do things they normally wouldn’t. What kind of things do girls tend to do when they’re around guys they like? This time, we’re introducing “9 things Japanese girls can’t help doing around guys they like,” based on a survey of Japanese women.

  • 1. I can’t stop thinking about him, and end up following him around with my eyes.

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    “I can’t help but look around and try to find him,” said one girl. Many girls want to know what the guy they like is doing, and can’t stop themselves from looking at him.

  • 2. I get nervous talking to him directly, so I send lots of text messages.

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    “I can’t stop myself and end up sending a bunch of texts in the same day,” said one girl. Some girls proactively send messages to the guys they’re interested in.

  • 3. I’m afraid he’ll realize I like him, so I act cold.

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    “When I like a guy, I get shy around him, and then we can’t get along,” said one girl. Some girls try so hard to stay calm, they end up acting cold and uninterested.

  • 4. I want to talk to him as much as I can, so I try to think of all kinds of topics and start conversations.

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    “It makes me happy to talk to him,” said one girl. Some girls end up being excessively talkative around guys they like.

  • 5. When our eyes meet, I get nervous and look away immediately.

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    “I’m afraid he’ll figure out I have feelings for him,” said one girl. Lots of girls end up avoiding the guys they like because of this.

  • 6. I overreact to things he says.

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    “Just being with him is so fun, I can’t control myself,” said one girl. Some girls are so happy to talk with guys they like, they end up responding excessively.

  • 7. When I get a message from him, I’m so happy I respond immediately.

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    “I often rush to reply to his messages and end up sending something weird and regretting it,” said one girl. Some girls get really excited when they get a message from the guys they like.

  • 8. I ask his friends all about him and really dig deep.

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    “I can’t just ask him directly, so I go to his friends,” said one girl. Some girls try to get information about the guys they like from their friends.

  • 9. When I’m talking to someone I like, I’m so happy I can’t help but smile.

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    “I’m so happy to talk to him, it ends up showing on my face,” said one girl. Lots of girls have an extra bright smile when they're talking to someone they like that they don’t show to anyone else.

Last updated: October 04, 2017