“I’ll make fool out of myself asking her out.” 5 Characteristics of Women Who Discourage Men from Asking Them Out

While you don’t give a second thought about how you are behaving around men, you may be sending out an aura that prevents men from asking you out. Today, we asked over 200 single men, aged in their 20s and early 30s, to share some of the characteristics women exhibit that they feel make it difficult to ask them out.

  • 1. A woman who claims that she’s always busy.

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    “If she’s that busy, how can I ask her to make time for me?” a man in his late 20s wonders, applying logic. If you’re in the habit of uttering, “I’m so busy”, men will assume that you won’t even have the time to go on a date with them. Try to ditch the “busy” phrase out of your vocabulary. Instead, start emphasizing that you are wide open on the weekends.

  • 2. A woman who is strictly private.

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    “I feel a definite wall between her and myself,” says a discouraged young man in his 20s who ponders this obstacle. By being secretive and private, you give people the impression that you’re only ready for a superficial friendship, and, amongst everyone, he will feel the most dejected. Even if you’re a private person, there must be some topics you feel comfortable sharing with him. Find his favorite music or movies and try to develop and enjoy some common threads.

  • 3. A woman who presents herself perfectly.

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    “She’s too perfect, and I feel timid,” a man in his early 30s confesses. For years, you tried to achieve ultimate perfection, but unfortunately for you, now you have become too perfect and men feel nervous talking to you. Try to loosen up a bit. Spill your drink in front of him. A gorgeous woman with a hint of clumsiness will ignite a man’s protective instincts and he will want to comfort and protect you.

  • 4. A woman who is unstable with her emotions.

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    “She seems high-maintenance. She may cancel our date at the last minute,” says an apprehensive man in his 20s. You’re fun to be with most of the time, but if your emotions twist and turn like a rollercoaster, most men will feel uneasy about having you as a girlfriend. Try not to be so manic with your feelings in front of him.

  • 5. A woman who claims that she enjoys her time alone.

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    “I think she’s a very private person, and that’s fine with me,” says a man in his early 30s who has no desire to interfere with her personal life. If you send a vibe that you like being alone, of course men will assume that you’re not interested in being in a relationship. Be sure to add that you feel lonely sometimes, and give him an opportunity to ask you out.

Published: November 02, 2018