9 Weird Habits Girls Have That Make Their Boyfriends Laugh and Think, “She’s Adorable!”

 If a boyfriend and girlfriend are really close, the affection they feel for each other might even stretch to include each other’s quirky habits. We’ve carried out a questionnaire among guys, and in this article we introduce 9 weird habits girlfriends have that make their boyfriends laugh and think, “She’s adorable!”

  • 1. She falls asleep in an instant, as soon as they stop talking

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    “She falls asleep so fast! She must be ready to nap at any time!” Some guys think a girlfriend who falls asleep a little too easily is funny and adorable. Your peaceful sleeping face will make your boyfriend feel oddly comforted and protective.

  • 2. She’s a bit of a geek and has some eccentric interests, like trains or geology

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    “I’ve no idea why she’s so interested in that stuff, but I like watching her getting so passionate about it.” Girls with unusual interests may find guys appreciate their enthusiasm. Your boyfriend may be affected by your sincere interest and become curious about your hobby.

  • 3. When she’s eating, she opens her mouth wider than necessary and chews wholeheartedly

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    “I don’t think she’s noticed it herself, but it’s kind of childlike and cute.” Opening your mouth wide when you eat can be thought of as impolite, but there are also some guys who like seeing it. When he sees you innocently and wholeheartedly enjoying your food, he’ll feel a simple happiness.

  • 4. She likes the smell of her boyfriend, and likes to sniff his neck

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    “I think she has a weird thing about smell, but it doesn’t bother me.” Some guys were surprisingly happy if their girlfriend liked their scent and liked to sniff their neck. Maybe if you really love someone, their scent will start to smell better to you!

  • 5. She tries to mimic the way her boyfriend speaks, but her accent is off

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    “When she tries to copy my accent and fails, it’s so stupid it’s cute.” Some guys feel affection for a girlfriend who tries to imitate the way they talk. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so perhaps showing your boyfriend you want to talk like him is an expression of affection.

  • 6. She says things to herself like, “Okay, let’s do this” to get up her courage before starting something

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    “I’m impressed and think she must be trying really hard.” Girls who tend to say things like this to encourage themselves without realizing they’re talking out loud might be viewed as lovable by guys. Your personality comes through in your words, and so positive words can leave a good impression.

  • 7. She stretches, then curls up like a little animal before going to sleep

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    “She just looks like an adorable little animal all curled up. (laugh)” Some guys felt that girls who made cute movements reminded them of little creatures, and were particularly charming. The more you’re doing it without realizing, the more adorable it appears.

  • 8. She worries on behalf of the good guys when watching TV

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    “I always think she gets so serious about it.” Girls who respect the good guys and show dismay when things go wrong for them, even if they’re just characters on TV, can make a charming and refreshing impression on guys. Showing you admire people’s honesty and integrity displays your own strength of character.

  • 9. On a date, she chooses a miniskirt she never usually wears, and gets embarrassed

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    “It’s like she’s telling me she’s doing it for my benefit.” Some guys secretly appreciate it when girls get dressed up on a date. Wanting to look cute for your boyfriend will indicate that you want to treat the relationship as special, and make you even more appealing.

Last updated: February 24, 2018