7 Moments When My Girlfriend Appeared Middle-Aged

You try to stay young forever, but somewhere deep down you cannot hold back the obvious signs of aging. Sadly, you may not recognize the tiny gestures that are making you appear old. Even worse, men are sensitive to those gestures. Today, based on the survey responses we received from men, we introduce you to some of the gestures that they claim make you look older.

  • 1. With an exaggerated motion, you said “Oh my!”

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    “This is what defines middle-aged women!” Did you know you were doing that? Equally telling is that you slap his shoulder when you want to get his attention or when you laugh at his jokes. Remember when you were so shy and hardly ever touched him?

  • 2. You scratched your thighs and back and sighed with relief.

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    “That’s exactly like my mom!” Scratching and sighing, especially when you are talking, remind him of his mother relaxing at home. It is often said that men ultimately look for a woman who reminds them of their mom, but not in this respect.

  • 3. You yawned without covering your mouth.

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    “I don’t think even middle-aged women do that. That’s a grandma thing.” It is an unattractive behavior and he is feeling pretty repulsed by it. If you spontaneously yawn without covering your mouth, have a quick “excuse me” ready to go.

  • 4. You are motionless in front of the TV.

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    “Soap operas and snacks. Staple items for old ladies!” He cannot hide his disapproval when he sees your intense concentration as you watch the soaps, especially if the only thing that’s moving is your mouth. Some guys were even concerned about your fitness level. Try not to lose your active lifestyle as you age.

  • 5. You criticize younger girls who are doing well.

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    “It’s one of the uglier sides of middle-aged women to criticize younger generations without merit.” Even if you know that someone is in the spotlight just because she is young and cute, don’t openly criticize her. It only reflects poorly on you.

  • 6. There is a long line at the checkout, but you still try to pay with exact change.

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    “That’s a no-no.” You are oblivious to your surroundings or, worse, you inconvenience others around you. Men link these clueless behaviors to “aging” ungracefully. Another pushy behavior commonly mentioned by men is your manners on public transportation. Have you gotten on the train and saved seats for your friends? Bingo.

  • 7. You don’t shave because it won’t be seen.

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    “She is only 20-something. How depressing is that?!” Have you been neglecting that unwanted hair? For some men, whether or not you take care of your unwanted hair is the dividing line between young girlfriends and middle-aged women. If you used to shave but have been recently neglecting those hairy areas, you have no excuse.

Published: March 16, 2018