“Oh, man, his girlfriend is better than mine…” 9 Moments When Men Feel Disappointed about Their Own Girlfriends

They can’t deny it. And it’s human nature that they make comparisons. So when does a guy actually feel that his girlfriend is somewhat less than their friends’ girlfriends? If you know the answer to this question, you may be able to build a better relationship with him. Today, based on the survey responses we collected, we introduce the moment when men felt that their girlfriends didn’t measure up.

  • 1. “His girlfriend puts him on a pedestal.”

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    “I envy my friend. My girlfriend always talks trash about me in front of others…” It’s simple: men want to be admired. Talking frankly about your boyfriend may be a reflection of your close relationship with him, but try to include compliments. It will improve your relationship.

  • 2. “His girlfriend has good taste in fashion.”

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    “I wish my girlfriend would wear something more feminine.” Men care about your fashion sense more than you think. Even if your boyfriend prefers you to dress casual, it wouldn’t hurt to doll yourself up from time to time and surprise him. He will appreciate your girl power.

  • 3. “His girlfriend has bigger breasts…”

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    “I just want my girlfriend to have bigger breasts!” It’s a cliché, but many men prefer her “assets” to be bigger. Men can’t help but check them out. They know you cannot improve on certain body parts, but perhaps you can be creative with your lingerie to enhance your figure and satisfy his ego.

  • 4. “His girlfriend is outgoing and caring.”

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    “At a party, I saw my friend’s girl taking the initiative to serve food and be a great host. I was mesmerized by her caring nature.” Some men are attracted to kind and approachable women. How about observing other girlfriends and following their example when you’re in social situations?

  • 5. “His girlfriend will make a good wife because she is great at cooking and cleaning.”

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    “On a double-date, my girlfriend and I were invited to his girlfriend’s place. I was impressed by how clean and tidy her place was.” Intentionally or unintentionally, men give grades to a women’s ability to manage household chores. It may be difficult to keep up with your household chores every day, but when you are expecting your boyfriend or friends over, make sure the place is presentable.

  • 6. “His girlfriend is so charming overall.”

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    “Appearance is important, too, but I find her tiny gestures so girly and super charming!” Having feminine gestures or habits makes you stand out more in a crowd. You cannot copy and mimic all those gestures or habits, but you could start with something simple, like tilting your head to listen to him. Take note of what most impressed him about the other girl.

  • 7. “His girlfriend is working hard to attain a license or perfect her hobby.”

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    “I am getting tired of listening to my girlfriend talk about clothes or gossip about her friends.” Women aren’t the only ones to be attracted to driven people with strong beliefs. Men find women who work diligently to achieve their dreams and goals attractive, too. If he’s the type to encourage your self-enrichment, discuss your dreams with him and he will lend you his support.

  • 8. “His girlfriend has good manners at the table.”

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    “I’m awestruck by her gracefulness.” Women with graceful and refined mannerisms receive due respect from all men. Polishing up on your etiquette is an investment in yourself that will benefit you in the long term, so why not take lessons and improve yourself?

  • 9. “His girlfriend is a good sport at a drinking party.”

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    “She was a great conversationalist at the drinking party—all my buddies loved her.” Being able to take an equal part in the conversation at a party is somewhat of a rare quality. If you can do that, you will make him so proud. If you are not a drinker, you still have options. Take part in a game of soccer or a fishing trip and get involved in his favorite pastime. It will open up more opportunities to get to know his buddies.

Last updated: February 24, 2018