7 Symptoms Your Boyfriend Will Display before Saying, “Let’s Break Up...”

You may find yourself unexpectedly worried that your relationship is “cooling down.” Want some warning signs? We surveyed our male readers to bring you, “7 Symptoms Your Boyfriend Will Display before Saying, ‘Let’s Break Up...’”

  • 1. His email replies are indifferent, one-word answers (“Okay...”).

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    He wants to minimize the time he spends with his girlfriend, so he replies with the smallest word count possible.

  • 2. He prioritizes his work or male friends over his girlfriend.

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    He no longer thinks that “he should make time for his girlfriend.”

  • 3. He almost never calls.

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    Even talking on the phone becomes a chore.

  • 4. He shows no interest in changes to her hairstyle or clothing.

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    He’s thinking, we’re going to break up anyway, so who cares?

  • 5. Physical contact, like kissing, has decreased.

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    All of that touching and holding when you first started dating is now down to zero. Compared to those days, he’s behaving like a completely different person.

  • 6. He doesn’t disapprove when his girlfriend hangs out with other male friends.

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    If he doesn’t love her anymore, he doesn’t feel jealous.

  • 7. He doesn’t apologize after arguments.

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    There is the possibility that he’s looking to break up after a fight.

Last updated: February 24, 2018