9 Things Men Start to Get Lazy about in Relationships

It is only natural that over time, you and your partner will start to become comfortable in your relationship. Many girlfriends have experienced that feeling of wondering whether your boyfriend is still in love with you because he doesn’t do some of the things he used to do. But there is no need to take it personally—men start to do some things less simply because they are comfortable in the relationship. We asked men to tell us about some of these things and compiled the following list.

  • 1. Picking you up from your house

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    After a while, it may seem like there’s no need for you or your boyfriend to always be on your best behavior. One thing your boyfriend may start to get tired of is always having to pick you up for a date. Shake up the routine by either meeting your boyfriend halfway or even offering to meet him at his place.

  • 2. Having to clean up his place before you come over

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    Men want to make a good first impression at first, but once they start getting comfortable, they might start thinking, “Who cares if my room is a little messy!” Let him know that he doesn’t have to clean every time you come over—or if it bothers you, give him some tips for easier cleaning methods.

  • 3. Planning elaborate dates

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    Some of the men we talked to felt pressured to always come up with creative date ideas. Help him out by giving him suggestions or even taking control and planning the date yourself.

  • 4. Replying to your texts right away

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    Texting is supposed to be a fun way of keeping in touch, but the fun gets sucked out when men start to feel burdened by always having to text their girlfriends back right away. Let him know that there’s no rush to reply to your texts by taking your time to reply to his messages.

  • 5. Coming up with jokes to make you laugh

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    More than one guy has had the awful experience of telling their girlfriend something funny and then being embarrassed when she doesn’t even laugh at the joke. Tell him a funny joke you heard on TV or a funny story to take the pressure off him.

  • 6. Telling you when he’s home

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    The last thing you want is a man who feels controlled. Constantly asking him to report to you when he’s home makes many men feel like you’re trying to take charge of his life. Instead of asking him if he’s home or when he’s coming home, send him a message to ask him how his day was instead.

  • 7. Fighting about something that happened in the past

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    Most of the men we talked to agreed that they felt fed up when their girlfriends brought up something that happened in the past in an argument. Instead of bringing up things from the past, focus on the issue at hand and tackle that obstacle together.

  • 8. Going shopping with you

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    One man said that shopping with his girlfriend was more exhausting than running a marathon. Most men don’t love to shop for hours on end. If you’re shopping with your boyfriend, limit yourself to one or two stores at the most, and plan shopping sprees for when you go out with your friends.

  • 9. Telling you he loves you

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    A lot of guys told us that they love their girlfriends, but they don’t want to be forced to say “I love you” back every time their girlfriends says it or just because they want to hear it. You can’t force someone to love you or show you that they love you. Instead, allow him to show you or tell you he loves you in his own way and on his own time.

Last updated: February 25, 2018