The Psychology Behind A Man’s Reaction to Your Passionate Approach – 5 Case Files

When you are in love, it’s difficult to suppress your emotions. Ideally, you want to wait it out until you feel ready to confess your love to him, but things often get out of whack and your emotions spread like wildfire. When that happens, sadly, he may be taken aback by your passionate approach. Why are men often troubled by your passionate approach? Today, we asked 500 young men aged between their late teens and late 20s to share why they get put off by a women’s passionate confession of love.

  • 1. He doesn’t want to be teased by his friends.

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    “I can just picture my friends grinning behind my back!” moaned a man in his late teens. Regardless of whether he actually likes you or not, he certainly doesn’t appreciate being the center of unwanted attention. If this is the case, it’s best to approach him in a more private setting. This may give you a real chance to win him over.

  • 2. You idolize him too much.

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    Another young man in his late teens shared, “I’m afraid she’s going to get disappointed when she discovers what I am like in reality. That would really deflate my ego.” If you worship the ground he treads on too much, he may feel apprehensive about your expectations and try to keep a safe distance in order to protect his own reputation. Until you get to know him better, try not to paint your own picture about him.

  • 3. Your approach is way too straightforward and there’s nothing left for the imagination.

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    “The best part of being in love is the element of surprise,” a male teen pointed out. If you are the type to lay everything out in the open, you take all of the fun out of the game of love. Worse yet, you may become the laughing stock amongst your friends. Unless he’s inexperienced and requires your push, make your approach as subtle as possible.

  • 4. He prefers to pursue rather than be pursued.

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    “I appreciate her affection, but I don’t get excited by being pursued,” a man in his late 20s revealed. The closer you get, the colder he gets. Some men are like that. In this case, use reverse psychology and pretend that you don’t really care for him. He may end up pursuing you instead.

  • 5. Your approach is way too serious.

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    “She seems way too needy and clingy. I bet she gets jealous easily. Please, slow down!” a man in his late teens begged, laughing. Even before he indicates yea or nay, you have worked yourself up into full gear ready to dash through the courtship. It can be a total turn off for him. You need to put yourself in his shoes and turn dial down the knob a notch or two.

Published: November 30, 2018