5 Ways to Comfort a Heartbroken Guy Friend and Get Him Interested in You

We all need someone by our side when we are feeling vulnerable after a heartbreak. If a close guy friend is feeling heartbroken, you can be there for him and even get him to notice you as a potential romantic interest. This time, we asked 148 single men in their teens and 20s and introduce five ways to comfort a heartbroken guy friend so that he becomes interested in you.

  • 1. To help him feel better, tell him it wasn’t his fault.

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    Hear your male friend out and help him feel better. A teen explained, “Men appreciate female friends who stand by them and are kind to them.” It’s important to verbally recognize the effort your guy friend made for his former love. By so doing, you can make him realize that you are his biggest supporter.

  • 2. Be empathetic to his pain.

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    Show a lot of empathy when your friend is feeling hurt. This will help you grow closer on an emotional level. “My friend was always there for me. She mourned with me when I was sad,” a teen recalled. You can show him that you are highly empathetic by tearing up even before he does.

  • 3. Remind him that things happen for a reason.

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    Comfort your guy friend by sharing life lessons. “I realized how mature my friend was when she comforted me calmly,” a guy in his 20s said. You can even say something like, “Men break out of their shell when they experience heartbreak.” He will admire you for your sincere and meaningful words.

  • 4. Let him know that he doesn’t have to act strong in front of you. Let him be vulnerable.

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    Let your friend be vulnerable. Get him to open up and talk about his feelings. “I would fall for a friend who understands me,” a teen confessed. Your guy friend will be honest with you if you get at the heart of the matter and tell him that you know he’s not as strong as he pretends to be.

  • 5. Take advantage of the situation and confess your crush.

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    You could also surprise a heartbroken guy friend by confessing your crush. He might even say yes if you ask him out. “When men feel vulnerable, we are more likely to go with the flow,” a guy in his 20s explained. If your guy friend agrees to go out with you, plan your first date before he calms down. It’s essential that you take the lead at the beginning of the dating phase.

Published: October 17, 2018