9 Fights to Avoid That Could End Your Relationship

Fights usually test the strength of your relationship. Some fights end in you making up and learning to trust each other more, while others can lead right to a breakup. What kinds of fights can end up being the last straw? We surveyed women to find nine types of fights to avoid because they could end your relationship.

  • 1. Fights where you try to force your opinion and you don’t put yourself in their shoes

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    “Unless one side gives up their stance, the fight will end in a breakup.” If you completely ignore what your partner has to say and just keep repeating your argument over and over, don’t be surprised if you suddenly go back to being single. Even if you’re convinced that you’re 100% right, be flexible instead of hardheaded and at least try to hear them out.

  • 2. Fights where you call them out on their customs or manners and insult their family

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    “Anyone will get mad if you talk to them like they’re garbage.” Insults directed towards their family or the environment in which they grew up can easily turn a petty argument into a major fight. It doesn’t matter how close the two of you are; bringing your partner’s upbringing into a fight is taboo.

  • 3. Fights where you complain about qualities that are hard to change, like personality or physique

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    “If you’re going to complain about something, you should have done so before you started going out with them.” Complaints about basic qualities are a surefire way to lose trust. If you absolutely cannot let something about your partner go, then respectfully suggest a way for them to change it and have patience.

  • 4. Fights about money and each other’s spending habits

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    “My partner was just too thrifty for me to keep up with.” You can bet your bottom dollar that any arguments involving money will lead to trouble down the line. Try agreeing on some ground rules together, like telling each other when you want to make a big purchase so you can see if your budget allows it.

  • 5. Fights where bottled-up emotions come to a boil and you go after them with every complaint that comes to mind

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    “When people who bottle it up blow their top, all hell breaks loose.” A single nitpick might not seem like much on its own, but when they pile up, they can do irreparable damage to your relationship. Make sure this doesn’t happen by setting a rule that forbids both of you from dragging other problems into an argument.

  • 6. Fights about what counts as cheating

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    “Even if you didn’t mean anything by what you did, differences of opinion can lead to an endless argument.” When different values come into play—like those about cheating—a fight can prove fatal for your relationship. Avoid misunderstandings by taking the time to talk about your values with each other properly.

  • 7. Fights where you reveal that you don’t see them as a romantic partner anymore

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    “I understand that the longer you’re with someone, the more you start to see them as family, but you shouldn’t actually tell them that.” Getting too accustomed to having your partner by your side can cause more trouble than you think. Break the routine from time to time to keep the relationship fresh. You might want to experiment with new stuff, like luring your partner in with some revealing outfits.

  • 8. Fights where you catch them in a lie, no matter how significant it is

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    “If you get caught lying to your partner, they’ll probably never trust you again.” There’s no sugarcoating it: lies can destroy trust and ruin relationships. If you insist on lying because you know it’s better to do so for their sake, be thorough about it and avoid getting caught at all costs.

  • 9. Fights where you confess that you’re tired of dates and that they’re boring to be around

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    “If you don’t like being with me, what else can we do but break up?” If one of you reveals that you’ve practically lost all interest in the other, you’re on a one-way trip to breakup land. Don’t let your relationship get to this point of no return. Make it a habit to express your love for each other on a daily basis.

Last updated: February 25, 2018