9 Moves in Bed That Will Get Him Screaming for More

When it comes to men’s erogenous zones, his penis is the most obvious one. Women may find it hard to know what feels good for the opposite sex though, since a female’s body is formed differently. We surveyed men to bring you 9 moves that will get him screaming for more, so you can use these moves next time to please your man.

  • 1. Hold the penis gently with both hands

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    “It’s great when she’s gentle with it, and the gentle touch feels really good!” It feels good for a man when you wrap both hands around the penis and move your hands up and down. Try adding some pressure and a rubbing motion, like you’re trying to ignite a fire with a wooden stick, and this will give him the perfect sensation.

  • 2. Move your hands fast

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    “The speeds matters more than how strong the pressure is.” Men will more likely cum if you use a faster motion when you give them a hand job. Starting too fast too early will be too much and may hurt him, so be careful and gradually increase the speed.

  • 3. Stroke the tip of his penis with your fingers

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    “The gentle touches really feel good.” Men will get shivers down their spine when you gently stroke the tip of his penis, especially under the foreskin. Try and cup your fingers around the tip and turn it as if you’re turning a door knob. Go clockwise and counter-clockwise, and rotate the motion to get his toes curling with excitement.

  • 4. Lick the tip of his penis like you’re licking a lollipop

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    “It feels so good I can feel it in my whole body.” Some men like having their meatus (pee-hole) licked. Be super gentle at first, since it’s an extremely sensitive area, and then start adding more pressure as you continue.

  • 5. Go deep as you can with your mouth

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    “It’s so touching that she’s putting so much effort in making me feel good.” Not only does this move feel really good on a man, it’s interesting visually, too. A man can enjoy the woman’s facial expressions, so try looking up at him occasionally while using your tongue and jaw to squeeze his penis and this will get him closer to climax.

  • 6. Lick his nipples while giving him a hand job

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    “It feels good when she’s stimulating two parts of my body.” Some men will go into ecstasy from the double stimulation. If you get comfortable with this, try stimulating three parts; for example, his nipple with your left hand, his penis with your right hand and his ear by licking. This is guaranteed to get your man asking for more.

  • 7. Suck on his balls

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    “It’s such an unusual yet pleasant sensation.” It really makes a difference for a man when you suck, instead of just lick, his balls. Of course, because it is a really sensitive area, start out gently, and increase the suction when you see how he responds..

  • 8. Give a wet hand job with saliva

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    “It’s a different sensation from a blowjob or a normal hand job.” Since there’s less friction, it will give him a different sensation than usual. If you’re against using your own saliva and you’re out of lube, you can use some body lotion instead.

  • 9. Suck on his penis strongly and loudly

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    “The sound adds to the excitement.” Men love it when they hear the sound of a blowjob and the louder it is, the better. If you start with such a loud sound at first, he might think you’re super experienced and will suspect you’ve done it many times. Start out with some light kisses and kissing sounds, and then gradually increase the intensity and sound.

Last updated: February 25, 2018