8 Ways Girls With a Crush Make an Effort

A lot of girls put in a continuous, steady effort to turn a crush into something more. If you know what kinds of things other girls are doing, you’ll realize, “It’s not just me!” and be encouraged. So in this article, based on a survey of girls, we introduce 8 ways girls with a crush make an effort to be noticed.

  • 1. They change their appearance to attract him.

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    “He likes short hair, so off it went!” Some girls exercise their ingenuity and do things to ensure catching the gaze of their crush. A lot of guys are affected by visual stimulation, so a big image change could be a shortcut to realizing that romance.

  • 2. They read up on the things he’s into.

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    “I wanted to be able to speak with a guy who’s into gaming, so I secretly played the same games (laugh).” Some girls want to know their crush better, so they deepen their knowledge about things he likes. This could be the foundation for a lively conversation with him, help shorten the distance between you, and encourage a romance.

  • 3. They diet or exercise to get the perfect body.

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    “If I’m really far off my ideal body type, I don’t have any confidence.” Some girls change their appearance in order to become less passive and negative. Having the body you want will help you be bold and confident enough to get closer to the person you like.

  • 4. They make sure to always smile around him.

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    “I think if you’re smiling, your partner will also feel happy.” Some people make sure to put on their best smile so the person they like will be caught up in their happy aura. However, if your demeanor changes depending on the person you’re with, and your crush realizes this, it could leave a bad impression. Do your best to be cheerful at all times.

  • 5. They take a class to polish up their cooking skills.

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    “If a girl is good at cooking, guys are definitely going to think it’s a plus.” Some girls try to become domestic and act in a way that will attract their crush. If you’re crushing on someone, use your time wisely to improve and enhance your skills.

  • 6. They try something their crush recommended and share their thoughts with him.

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    “You can expand the conversation and get them to think, ‘I want to recommend more things!’” Talking to their crush and reacting enthusiastically to the things he recommends is something else that girls with crushes do. If you can show interest in what he’s talking about, you’ll be able to get closer.

  • 7. They go to places where they know he goes.

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    “I think a chance encounter is going to stay in the mind of your partner.” Meeting by chance several times can make him aware of your presence. Most relationships can’t begin by staying at home, so get up your courage and go where your crush is likely to hang out.

  • 8. They tidy their room and try to be more disciplined.

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    “Looking like a girl who’s got it together comes from making an effort every day.” For some girls, it’s not just about acting appropriately in front of their crush, but about making efforts to review their lifestyle from the bottom up. It may not be easy, but it can lead to invisible results that are better than any hasty or makeshift romantic technique.

Last updated: February 25, 2018