9 Things Your Man Secretly Does Not Want You to Do or Say the First Time

You might be excited about the first time you have sex with your new man, but your excitement might turn him off just a little. Here are 9 things your man secretly does not want you to do or say that first time.

  • 1. Lick his nipples during foreplay

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    “Maybe her ex used to like this…” Many women have the misunderstanding that men all prefer the same things. Every man is different, so it might be best not to do this until asked.

  • 2. Dripping spit on his thing during a hand job

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    Apparently, men think that this is a technique used by prostitutes or porn stars, so there’s a chance they will suspect you of having a dark, secret past. Rather than drooling all over him, it might be best to take turns with your mouth and hand, which will keep him slippery but not completely soaked.

  • 3. Trying to give a blow job before being asked

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    They pull back when you are so very willing to give a blow job. “She tried to take my pants and underwear off herself, without any warning,” a 20-year-old male stated. This can give a bad impression of yourself to the guy so do it only with caution and encouragement.

  • 4. Licking his “sacks” during a blow job

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    There were men who said only very experienced women do this—in other words, slutty women. So, it might be best to stick with his “stick” until requested otherwise.

  • 5. Getting naked a little too fast

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    Men were heard saying, “She had taken everything off before I could do anything. That took away some of the fun.” Women might not want their clothes to get wrinkled and thrown on the floor, but in this situation, it might be best to let the man have his way and fold your clothes after sex.

  • 6. Being too loud

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    Being too loud might give the wrong impression to the man, like you are faking it. You might want to dial it down, especially if you are in a familiar neighborhood or his hometown.

  • 7. Teasing the man’s nipple while in the missionary position

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    A man smiled bitterly while stating, “There was a girl who did that so casually. It caught me by surprise and turned me off a little.” Another man in his twenties stated, “That is very distracting.” You might want to keep away from his nipples at first, and then only after you are sure it is his erogenous zone.

  • 8. Grinding your hips when he is on top of you

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    Apparently grinding your hips into his when he is hard at work makes you seem like you are too experienced with sex, and makes them become a little bit hesitant. It might excite him more if you get your cute act on and give him the upper hand.

  • 9. Commanding your man to “not come yet” during sex

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    “That’s pressure I don’t want to feel while having sex. It sucks the fun out of it.” There are men who cannot devote themselves completely to the act of sex when they are told to control their ejaculation. For men, there are some days they can last a long time during sex and some days they can’t. It is best to not demand when he should come during sex, especially the first time.

Last updated: February 25, 2018