9 signals that a Japanese girl has opened her heart to you

A girl is most likely to open up to someone of the opposite sex when she is in a good relationship—more than friends, not quite lovers. And in that moment, there are consistent and specific signals that you can pick up on. We surveyed Japanese women to introduce to you, “signals that a girl is opening up to you.”

  • 1. She talks to you confidentially about her family or female friends

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    “When we become friendly, I can talk about private things too, like my family or girlfriends.” It’s safe to assume that if a girl is talking about people who are important to her, then she is opening her heart to you.

  • 2. She’ll visit your room, even if it’s just the two of you

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    “I won’t go to someone’s house unless it’s a person I can trust.” If the person is of the opposite sex, most girls will be cautious, and won’t go to a man’s home casually.

  • 3. She’ll eat with the same spoon you used, unconcerned about “indirectly kissing” you

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    “I don’t think I could ever use the same spoon as a guy, if I didn’t like him as a person.” If a girl hasn’t opened up to a guy, then it’s not likely that she can instinctively accept indirectly kissing him by using his utensils, either.

  • 4. She’ll call you at night for long telephone conversations

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    “The fact that I’m calling late at night is proof that I really like you!” Late night phone calls will likely lead to deep conversations, and are a good sign of a girl’s true intentions.

  • 5. She frequently touches your shoulder or knee

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    “When you become friendly, you want to touch, and it just becomes natural.” When girls touch you, it often is a sign that they feel familiar and close to you.

  • 6. She responds quickly to emails, and her texts get longer

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    “I’ll reply quickly to someone who’s important to me, and I want to respond properly, so I’ll end up writing more.” This is a valuable response. Girls tend to place more importance on emails than men, and so if you observe this, it can be an important signal.

  • 7. She’ll frequently invite you out to eat or drink

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    “Inviting him out isn’t a big deal anymore, so I just call him whenever I want to see him.” It would appear that sudden invitations are a good sign.

  • 8. She wants to be spoiled and pampered

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    “I just want to rely on him, and so sometimes I act spoiled.” When she acts cute, it could be a sign of her true intentions. When girls act spoiled, it can sometimes be a sign that they like you.

  • 9. They’ll complain about things they would never say to anyone else

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    “If he’s a stranger to me, then I would never show my weaknesses like that.” Even girls who are normally strong and aggressive will complain and show their weak sides to someone whom they consider special.

Last updated: October 03, 2017