9 Times When Your Wholehearted Love Becomes a Burden for Him

You dedicate your whole heart to him and only him, so he must think he’s the luckiest man on Earth, right? There is a fine line between your wholehearted love and devotion becoming too much of a burden for him. Today, based on a survey we conducted, we introduce some of your loving habits that are actually bittersweet for him.

  • 1. You keep saying “I love you” until he says it back

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    “She wouldn’t stop until I said it. After a while, I felt like I was being forced to say it.” There is no point in forcing him to tell you he loves you. That has to come from his heart, and it has to come spontaneously when he wants to say it.

  • 2. You ask for a detailed report of his day

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    “She texts me every so often to ask me what I’m doing throughout the day. It’s the same as demanding a report.” Even if you don’t mean to question his whereabouts, if it becomes a daily occurrence, he will think you are monitoring his activities.

  • 3. You are overly dramatic about your future together

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    “We are not even married, and if she is serious, I’m in a big trouble.” Not only are you getting a little ahead of yourself, but your use of overly dramatic phrases like “Let’s stay together forever” or “I’ll be with you for the rest of my life” sound like an eternity to him. Try to be prudent and deliberate when you use such words, or they will deliver the completely wrong message.

  • 4. You “quiz” him about small details of your life and history

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    “It’s not an exam, and she irritates me.” Testing him on his knowledge of your life (“Do you remember my birthday? How about my blood type?”) is a sure way to frustrate him. You want him to know as much about you as you know about him, but giving him a pop quiz is not the best way to heighten his awareness.

  • 5. You frequently send him texts and emails and complain when he does not respond

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    “She sends me endless texts at work, and I feel like she is monitoring me.” If you overload him with non-stop texts, he will feel suffocated by your constant need to be in touch. At a minimum, you should avoid texting when he is at work and when he’s sleeping. Texting should be a way to communicate with him, not monitor him.

  • 6. You deliberately beg for a kiss in public

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    “I don’t know what she is trying to prove, but I’m too embarrassed to display affection in public.” Some men are still reluctant to display affection in public. You need to understand that people have different thresholds for PDA, and you should have the courtesy to ask if he is comfortable with your PDA.

  • 7. You reminisce about your love story

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    “She talks about when we first met each other, but I don’t remember it the same way as she does. I think she over-dramatizes in her head.” Men are more practical, and they cannot keep up with your beautified versions of your love story. Instead of reminiscing about the past, men will show much more understanding if you cherish the present.

  • 8. You cut off all communications with your male friends, and you demand the same from him

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    “I never asked her to go to that extreme. I know she worries about me having an affair, but that’s way too much.” Many women believe that once people are in relationship, they should not have any friendship with members of the opposite sex. But the fact is that you have no right to interfere with your boyfriend’s friendships.

  • 9. You demand to meet his family and move things to the next level

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    “She seems desperate to get married, and that’s a turn off.” A path to marriage has to be cultivated by you both, and you cannot rush him according to your plan. You need to have a mutual understanding about when to involve your families.

Last updated: February 25, 2018